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    New, and need some advice.
    jsmythe4 posted:
    Hey all. I'll try to make this short and to the point, as I've had a lot of fatigue and confusion recently - I know I can get sidetracked. I have a ton of symptoms, and I've seen doctors and gotten testing/guidance/ and SOME answers - but recently it's all gotten way worse, and snowballed into a mess. I've had off and on neurological symptoms for about a year, starting slow and mild - now relatively severe. It took a long time to be taken seriously, as the symptoms were so random that I was often dismissed (and felt better eventually, and even convinced myself I was fine). The biggest symptoms are neuropathy (searing pain in my extremities, tingling and numbness, spasms, weakness, etc), vision impairment (dry eyes, bloodshot eyes, 'diploplia', sensitivity to light, soreness), hearing impairment (tinnitus appearing randomly and lasting hours or days, sensitivity to noise, difficulty understanding noises/people talking and interpreting it, and thus I am less responsive as I feel confused), cardiac symptoms (EKG revealed some premature atrial contraction, as well as orthostatic intolerance (which is, from the doctors explanation, a likely cuplrit in many of the other symptoms including the PACs), and other pain including headaches/neck pain/back pain/etc - and my pain is never really specific to a certain areas - I have a hard time pinpointing it. A few weeks ago I was in the hospital, and the ER doc said when I was released, see my primary immediately - and give him the notes taken with referal suggestions (they want me tested for MS, epilepsy, a cardiologist, and also just general neurology). I did this, and my primary has loyally dropped the ball. I have a brain mri with contrast (for MS) on the 31st, and he has been in charge of my care since the ER visit - including managing my symptoms medically so I can function somewhat and get back into the swing of things. Initially I was prescribed Zanaflex for pain. It made me sick, and caused constipation, memory impairment, and didn't help pain. He kept insisting I up the dose, and didn't offer any other advice. Slowly, I deteriorated more. It's now 3 weeks later and I haven't really been able to leave my house, drive, or have any relaxation or enjoyment socially. I havent slept much and have had some bad episodes of spasms/immobility (my mom thinks it was a seizure), and today I realized I need to go see SOMEBODY for medical help - as it's not healthy mentally (especially - the isolation/pain/difficulty functioning takes a toll on emotions, and I've been very conscious of that) and physically - It's just not ok to live this way. My primary is not returning calls or emails from us, and despite calling in steroids (they did help somewhat, but only somewhat) a week ago is silent and not helping. I've rambled again - sorry. Sitting down is a huge problem now as well - my back, hips, and neck are locked up - and my veins are dilated down to my legs, when I sit I feel my feet flush, and its very visible - one foot has even gone spider-webbed with blue/red veins. I've had this before and IV fluids helped correct it. Many parts of my body are numb, including my abdomen, parts of my back, neck, and a bit of my face and head. I think the numbness may be emotional though, maybe a dramatic way for my mind to compensate for the experiences recently - who knows. Any advice? Experiences? I'm going to go to urgent care, as we have an advanced one nearby that is well-equipped for about everything, and I am not going back to the ER unless it's a last resort. It's too expensive, and I don't feel like I should go straight there. Thanks - John
    blessedladyptl responded:
    jsmythe4, you need to make an appointmemt with your pcp and go in and see him. You also need to see a Neurologist. Call your insurance company and ask if you have to have a referral from your pcp to see a specialist. If you don't, get the names of Neurologist in your area that accpet your insurance and call and make an appointment with one of them. You might also want to get a copy of your medical records from your pcp to take to this appointment. The Neurologist can get them, but it may save time if you take them, You can ask when you make an appointment which would be best.
    Since your pain may be from recent emotional issues, you also need to see a psychiatrist or psychologist. Ask your insurance company for a ilst if these drs as well. I don't know what you are expecting drs to prescribe you for pain, but if they feel that the cause could be emotional, it is highly doubtful they will prescribe you more than what they already have.

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