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    Neck Pain, Head Pain, Arm Pain
    FragVixen posted:
    I'm not quite sure if this belongs here, but I went to te Neurology forums and they seemed pretty limited on topics .

    I have been having a lot of pain in my head and neck. Its mostly on the left side of my neck, where my neck is attatched to the base of my skull. I get an aching headache at the pack of my head and my neck hurts ;(. If I sit for too long I start to get pain in my left arm. Sometimes it gets tingly. It's starting to get annoying. I can't sit for longer than 5 minutes without getting some pain. It makes driving home from work difficult...and I cant even play warcraft anymore .

    I cant get rid of the pain without ibuprofen, laying down and using an ice pack .

    Anyone have any ideas? My Neurologist cant see me again without an MRI/X-Ray...but my doctor is busy and won't see me until Tuesday!

    :*( My head and neck have been hurting every night for 5 days or so now.
    FragVixen responded:
    ALSO: When I move my head around sometimes I can hear a "crinkly" noise. It's hard to explain what it sounds like to a T, but kind of like cracking your fingers under water? Or Grinding small pebbles together?
    humble31 responded:
    Hello I have the same health issues just like you for 8 months I have been having off and on migraines with vertigo, and neck pain, that hurts the back of my head too. Only thing I can suggest is to make sure you get a MRI, CT scan with the neck or head to make sure nothing is going on, these days it is hard to get a doctor /specialist who is caring to the patient, so I will keep you in my prayers, I am trying my best to get to a Neurologist, because I have taken the Mri, ct scan, neck xray and thank God everything came out clear, but I am still going through headaches with vertigo on and off.. keep me updated on how your health is , I hope you feel better soon, . God Bless hope others on here can give you some advice to help you out.
    wondermom89 responded:
    I am having the same problem as you, but mine is my right arm. Just like was already said you need to get the mri/x-ray done first to rule out problems. There isn't much that works for me for pain. My doctor has me on tramadol and it helps some. I am trying to find out who else I can see to help me out. My doctor doesn't know why my neck hurts, but she is sending me to physical therapy for my arm thinking I have bursitis in it. Good luck and I hope all works out for you. It does get frustrating.
    peacemonger responded:
    I'm not the big cheese here, by any stretch, but, as far as I'm concerned your always welcome here, we're here for ya. By the way, Hello, sorry, it wasn't first in paragraph. I had the same problem with my L arm head and neck, in my case, it was a major disc bulge at C5-7. The MRI will show exactly what it is, be patient, it may also tell you more about that area that I have no idea about. Please be careful, and, if you can afford the visit go to the ER, let them take care of the MRI, if they can.

    I wish you peace and healing.

    peacemonger responded:
    Hey Fragvixen, there is a very good chance that crinkly sound is two vertabrae abrading each other, crinkly is exactly what it sounds like had the same symptom b-4 my fusion surgery. Again plz be careful, if it is the same I had it might "lock out" on you.

    Godspeed, peacemonger
    FragVixen responded:
    Thanks all. Just got back from my doctor today...A little bummed . For some reason she's really stuck on the idea that I "pulled a muscle." (keep in mind, this is my general doctor, not my neurologist.) She is sending me for an x-ray just in case, but wan'ts me to do these neck exercises, take 2 alieve a day and use a heating pad.

    Problem is...I know what a pulled muscle feels like...and this isn't even close! Between the arm pain, my headaches and the grinding...I really just don't think its muscular.

    Im having the X-rays sent to my neurologist. I started the "exercises" she gave me today and my neck is killing me.

    I guess ill know within the next few days if it's something serious.

    Thanks again, all, for the kids words .
    SLady1dc responded:
    FragVixen sometimes you just have to keep going to a doctor that will listen to you. I have been to many MD's before I found one that would listen to my problems. I have chronic pain related to some traumatic injuries. Ask some friends &/or family who they would recommend. I saw a chiropractor who took an xray and recommended a neurologist. The neurologist did the CT and then an MRI.

    Sometimes it takes persistance to get the medical care you need. You know your body better than anyone, not the doctor. Advocate for what you feel you need.
    peacemonger responded:
    Hey Fragvixen, you have no idea just how upset I am with your doc. There is medical narrowmidedness, then there is medical no mindedness, (sneaking suspicion that's your doc's problem, with your symptoms).

    To dismiss your condition as a "muscle pull" is not only dismissive, sorry, I need to calm down a bit.

    Again, sorry, okay, (my advice) call your neurosurgeon, tell them you need to see them asap, if not earlier, and then, tell them your concerns. If your doc wouldn't discuss even the sightest possibility that it mite b sum thing else, then, it is within your rights to get a second opinion, to that "higher authority" and let them diagnose you, ask them if you could an MRI, (some docs use it as a "baseline"). More I want to speak with you about, but,, my forearms and hands are definitely not co-operating with me now, get back to ya later.

    Peace, peacemonger
    FragVixen responded:
    Hey all, back again!

    Thanks for the support. I finally am able to see my neurosurgeon on friday moning. Do any of you feel constantly tired? I can be sleeping/napping/laying/sitting all day and I am ALWAYS tired. Even if I sleep 8+ hours at night! I'm wondering if its neck/back related.

    I'll keep you all posted on how friday goes
    peterspuckie responded:
    Oh my gosh, it is so good to hear that someone else is experiencing the same thing I am. I have been having these pains and dizziness for 6 months now and they can not figure out what is going on! I have days where I feel like there is absolutely nothing wrong with me and the next day or later within the same day I'm feeling awful. I have bad neck pain on the right, jaw numbness, right arm and should discomfort, crackling in my neck and then feel sick to my stomach. The diziness is the worse. It's hard to function and do my job. I'm afraid I'm going to get fired. How did you finally get to a neurologist?
    Oaklee responded:
    This sounds like my situation. I have had arm and neck pain since March. I did everything until May, I had had it. I got an MRI. That showed the exact problem which is now going to be fixed with a disc fusion. Please demand and MRI, only true picture. You are just prolonging and hurting yourself. Funny how it works now. Must have a referral just to see a real doctor. Not to mention the cost of fixing the problem. I cannot wait until this is all over. I am at the end of my rope. I am a pain in the neck.
    FragVixen responded:
    Ugh. Well, I had my MRI yesterday. My Doctors assstant gave me 3 .5mg Xanax pills. (I HATE MRI.) I took the two 45 minutes before my exam like directed, and the totally failed me. As soon as I was on that bed with the thing aroun my neck I freaked out. The nurses there were so nice, and they sat with me until I was okay, and then they gave me a nice blinfold, and I was okay.

    The xray was always a piece of cake. I dont mind the x-rays so much, hehe.

    Wel, it's over now, so all I have to do is wait to see my doctor. The only bad side to it is my next appointment to see him is December 10th! I know it's such a long way off, but I am really lucky to be seen by one of the best Neurosurgeons in the country, so I don't want to rock the boat and demand to be seen sooner. I know he must be suuuper busy. My nana once had to go to the hospital to meet him at 2AM after he had just finished a sugery.

    Maybe I can sneak in on a cancelation .

    I Hope you all are doing well!!
    Paul_Bot responded:
    GO SEE A CHIROPRACTOR!!! I had some similar symptoms after I hurt myself working out. I went to the ER, who told me I tore a muscle and sent me home with heavy painkillers. After the pills ran out I was still in pain. It hurt whenever I woke up, and I couldn't turn my head. I would feel it down into my shoulders and back. I went to a massage therapist and she said it was tension. That didn't help. Finally I broke down and saw a chiropractor (I once dated a girl who worked in the healthcare industry who had convinced me it was all a sham). Man, was she full of it. After 3 weeks I am completely back to normal. I am now a believer. Give it a try, hopefully it will wok for you!
    annette030 responded:
    I would get the results of the MRI first. If it is normal then seeing a chiro might be reasonable. But there are certain back/spine problems that can be made worse by a chiro rather than better.

    Take care, Annette

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