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    Chronic fractures and pain.
    CaliforniaCruisin posted:
    HELLO! WebMD!

    Just wanted to say I'm happy to be apart of a community with patients alike. I'm a 25 yr old male who suffers from Chronic pain due to a MVA accident (Motorcycle) that has left me with a chronic compression fracture of three discs in my thoracic region, Chronic fracture of my wrists, neck pain accompanied by severe migraines and numbness. Before the accident I was a avid bicyclist & outdoors men, who worked a full time job when I wasn't playing in the foothills.
    now live in constant pain and an inability to do the things I love.
    My PCP has been wonderful at helping me cope with the drastic change in my life style by keeping my pains at minimal levels. He's been scripting me Norco 10.325 8x a day as needed, which works very well at keeping the pains at bay. Recently he told me I should see a PMR Dr.---I did. This PMR Dr. told me the pain I was experiencing is from "muscle spasms", I know better then anyone it isn't my muscles. He then signed me up for pain management where I found out the PMR Dr. said I shouldn't be on any Pain medications, not even Motrin!? The PMD Dr. told me I'm taking too many opiates, which nearly made me laugh. Considering my injuries and level of pain, I thought my current treatment was fairly conservative N' that's how I want to keep it. PMD then made a note to my PCP to begin weening me off the meds and trying a -1-2-3+ combo of other medications, which scares me. My current medicine works perfectly fine with no side effects other than constipation, Why destroy my liver with a combo of other meds when I can manage with just one?My chronic Fractures are clearly evident in every MRI, I've never abused my script or called in for a early refill nor have I ever showed up in the ER and I've passed my urine tests & blood work. I just don't get it, does my Pcp have to follow there invalid diagnosis and irrational recommendations?
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    annette030 responded:
    Taking a short-acting opiate 8x a day is strange. The problem of tolerance is higher than with long acting opiates.

    The acetaminophen in the Norco can be toxic to your liver, they keep dropping the maximum daily dose that they consider safe. I got off of it entirely several years ago due to that.

    I am not sure what you mean by chronic fractures? Are you a smoker? Why don't they heal? I am not sure that an MRI would show old, healed fractures as being different than "chronic" ones?

    Welcome to our community, always nice to have a new face around.

    Take care, Annette
    CaliforniaCruisin replied to annette030's response:
    Hello Annette!

    I've been directed to take it no more than 8x a day. Althought I do have days that require this dose, I do my best to avoid it. mainly because of what you mentioned, fear of increase in tolerance, with the inability to effectively manage with current application rates, and damage to my liver.

    I figured the PM doctor would address this and give me something that would decrease the frequency of norco needed & increase my ability to manage the pain. Instead he's decided to put me on a far more damaging mixture of non-narcotic medication, which will destroy my liver more than Norco, let alone manage my back plus the fractures in both hands and arms that failed to heal as expected, or my persistent head, neck & hip problems. The PM&PMR Dr was suppose to help but they are quick to pass judgement only making matters worse for me now & in the future. Clearly I'm in a No Win situation in re-guards to my age.

    The vertebral bodies of all three of my fractures are healed but the compression upon my nucleus annulus is quiet severe showing reduction in all three vert bodies with kyphosis and arthritis. My pcp described that as a chronic compression of my spine which will be with me all my life. hope that clears me of my incompetence.

    My apologizes to the the web MD community for posting in the wrong section of the forum. And much thanks to annette for shedding some light down on me.

    Much love everyone,
    annette030 replied to CaliforniaCruisin's response:
    I do understand chronic "compression of the nucleus annulus". You explained this much better in this post.

    Taking the opiate 8x a day comes to every three hours. These meds are designed to last 4-6 hours.

    I suggest you read, "Managing Pain Before It Manages You" by Dr. Margaret Caudill, MD, PhD. She is trained in pain management and has lots of very good suggestions on how to learn to cope better with chronic pain. This book is a life changer.

    I don't think you are posting in the wrong section of WebMD.

    Take care, Annette
    CaliforniaCruisin replied to annette030's response:
    hehe, thanks Annette! I'm still getting used too the medical limbo in re-guards to my injuries.

    & Thank you for your recommendation of literature! I've decided to go with my PM Dr rec. to try non-opiate alternatives, if he really thinks they are more effective at managing pain then I'm willing to give it go. Hopefully it works & their side effects won't out way the benefits.

    I'll be sure to share my experiences, when I begin the new treatment plan.

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