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    Medical Marijuana Buys Soul Back From Oxycontin & Other Ways to Get Off
    writerswrite7 posted:
    For 12 years, I've had chronic pelvic pain. Before, I worked IT for Department of Homeland Security at night, and went to college during the day. I had a 3.75 GPA, first person to be made a manager before being made a full employee, we all have a story like this. I met my best friend Elizabeth at college. She was on pain medicine after being hit by a car. She sent me to her doctor, who put me on the wonder drug, Oxycontin. I would top out at 6 80 mg ER pills a day, 6 30 mg IR and 120 ml of morphine every month. Good old Purdue Pharma, curing oh so many... and three executives plead guilty to lying by telling doctors Oxycontin was less addictive, less subjective to abuse, and less likely to cause withdrawal.
    It was only in a few papers, but they're online. The plea guilty and $634,000,000 fine, This protects them from mass tort litigation, but on appeal to the Supreme Court. I doubt it would have made it if not for the fact Canada is a hornets nest of pissed off people and doctors who were lied to. They're suing like crazy and drawing media attention.
    Canada will also give anyone who asks Ibogaine. If you watch Law and Order SVU you've heard of it. A doctor on it said, "it cures 90% of heroin addicts." The numbers aren't that high, but high enough to be worth trying. Especially considering Canada will give it to you for $15. It's Amazonian tree bark that can remap your brain. If you search with Google you find a mountain of ads calling it junk science . Now search "Canada" "Ibogaine". If you don't know, without quotes, it changes nothing.
    If you try this, you do NOT want be alone. You will have a psychedelic experience for 24-72 hours. You will not remember to eat or drink. Often patients forget to use the bathroom if not asked and taken. After calling this bunk repeatedly, there were links briefly offering Ibogaine treatment for $4,000. Now the Google links are back to all saying it's bunk. Google ratings have nothing to do with quality. Your rating goes up whether these people are praising you to the sky, or telling you they hate your guts. is a little better. If anyone knows a better one, I would love to know.
    I hope this information helps some of you. I have friends here in Vermont Ibogaine helped. Thankfully, Vermont also has medical Marijuana. I'm doing Physical therapy after a decade of not getting out of bed 96% of the time. In '06 my brother killed himself. I found him. He had started stealing Elizabeth's pills. When she dumped him, she stopped talking to me for telling our doctor they discussed suicide together using all her pills. Elizabeth killed herself a month after Sean. Her friend called asking for my brother. I said I was outraged Elizabeth didn't call, and he was dead, so if he owed money. Then she told me. And it all got so much worse.
    10 years of my fiance getting more addicted. Both of us with PTSD, but I didn't have to work. He was a sweet loving and nurturing care giver. He turned into a monster. He tried to stab me, and almost strangled me to death in a hotel stairwell. He faked suicide attempts to trigger my PTSD. On the floor, face down, wrists down, to carving knives shining. Then asking why I was upset. 10 years of increasing threats of murder and suicide if I took my pills from him. He decided what I needed. He kept me sick because he needed them. My leg muscles atrophied to the point you could only see bone. Him going into a rage for being out of bed too much.
    I've finally escaped. him. I quit the 120 ml of morphine before I got here. We've 260 mg, and we're about to go faster thanks to medical marijuana. The dispensary here has helped many people like me get free of opiates. Free of a drug that Heroine addicts would rather have. A drug that causes suicide, and makes your loved one a monster. How can people still not see? Marijuana has given me my soul back.
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