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    Sharp Calf Pain in Both Calfs While Extending [18 yr old]
    14allan posted:
    Hi everyone,

    For the past 2 days my girlfriend has been having sharp pains in both of her calfs. She says they're both a little swollen and the pain "paralyzed her legs." It started yesterday and severely intensified today. It only hurts while standing/laying down and extending.

    I realize this isn't really possible to diagnose but any ideas for course of action?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    _swank_ responded:
    If they're swollen and red then she needs to see a doctor to rule out blood clots. Otherwise, it sounds like muscle cramps. Often they can be caused by dehydration so she needs to make sure she is drinking lots of water. I don't know a person on earth that has never had a muscle cramp.
    fibrosux responded:
    My daughter is experiencing these same symptoms. They are way more than cramps and she had to go the the E.R. and the doc didn't have any answers. Almost 2 weeks later she is still experiencing them. Anyone with similar problems or solutions would be great.
    annabdalla replied to fibrosux's response:
    Hello,my name is ann,i was having the exact same problem .My pain specialist started me on pramipexole. 0.25 mg 1/2 tab 3 timnes a day,at first i had aslot of nausia,but used 1/2 of gravol at first. Now I just get peaceful sleep. You may also should start on a med called baclofen its used to treat sciatica by way of realaxing muscles in and around the spine therby giving you realief from sciatic a.
    annabdalla responded:
    hi my name is ann has she been to the hospital,it might be caused by cellulitis,this is a seriouse problem that only can be diagnosed by a dr. and bloodwork,if it is this there are medicatios that when taken can be very helpful,but have her checked out this cant be left too long.Circulation may become very seriouse for her. best wishes ann!
    annabdalla replied to fibrosux's response:
    Hi there,unfurtunatley an er dr. really cant diagnose this unless they are a pain speciallist/anesthesiologist is what Dr. I have and he said to me and i have tried all meds used for diabetic neropathy/fibr and I have both I am allergic to these,but the ones I mentioned before sholud help It took me 2 1/2 years to get a pain speciallist,but try to get an anasthesiologist appointment or with a neruologist might be helpful as well. ann.

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