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    after whipple pain
    pctranfield posted:
    I had a Whipple procedure in 2002. I suffered up to 3 times a week with a pain that brought me to my knees for about two minutes. I finally told the doctor, that I was like a wild animal on fire, and he prescribed HYOSCYMINE 0.375 S Tab Padd. It prevents spasms of the intestine, and has solved my problem. I hope this helps others.
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    annette030 responded:
    This does not help me specifically, but I am so glad you mentioned this medicine helped you. Too often we want opiates for all kinds of pain, and here your doctor figured out what the cause of the pain was and treated that directly rather than just treating pain with pain meds.

    Thanks for mentioning it here.

    Take care, Annette
    ANITABETH responded:
    I had the Whipple 4yr ago and have constant pain. I have had a nerve block done and the pain was gone for 3 1/2 months. My doctor is going to do the procedure again. I am going to mention this drug to him and see what he thinks. Thanks so much for all your help!!
    ANITABETH responded:
    pctranfield- Thanks you for sharing you experience after your Whipple procedure. I am in the same boat and posted questions earlier. Since I posted I have had the "Celiac Plexus Block" procedure. My doctor numbs my back and then goes into my 5 and 6 vertebra and numbs the nerves. The first time I had it done I was pain free for about 4 months. It wore off and then I had the procedure repeated about a month ago. This time it was unsuccessful. I am having it repeated next week. My doctor told me this procedure can last anywhere from 1 month to a year and then it must be repeated. This has been the only doctor that has given me pain relief, hope, understanding and gotten me almost off all pain medication. My alternative is to have the rest of my pancreas removed (I only 1/4) left. They would also removed my spleen. I am going to make a point of asking my doctor about HYOSCYMINE medication you take. Maybe the two combined will be the answer. I truly hope you have found an answer to your chronic pain. If you have any suggestions and/ or questions be sure contact me. I try to check this website often.
    Best of luck and thank you again!!!!
    whipple2012 replied to ANITABETH's response:
    I suffer everyday with post whipple pain, I cannot even gat out of bed without the team of meds I take.Yes the surgery saved my life but everything that could go wrong did,so now im left to suffer.
    mikeshea replied to whipple2012's response:
    Hi Anitabeth, I had a whipple in 2005 and about a year after that the pain started. I have all over body pain 24/7 I am on a lot of pain meds that do nothing more than take the edge off. About 4 or 5 times a year I have to go to the hospital because the pain is so bad I can not control it. My doctor gave my info to a woman that he knew that had the same surgery,when I talked with her it was like she knew everything I was going through. I have a new neurologist and she did so many test on me I cant count. I have an appointment with her on March 7 2014. I can let you know what she tells me. If you dont mind I can give you my e-mail and we can go from there.its MIKESHEA1@LIVE.COM Just remember you are not alone.I sure hope to hear from you,the more people I can find the better
    mikeshea replied to mikeshea's response:
    Also if anybody else wants to e-mail me I sure would like that.
    mariaandeddie replied to mikeshea's response:
    How did it go after your appointment?

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