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    Still Severe pain in back after Major Surgery - HELP!!!!!!!
    piggy80218 posted:
    I am into my 9 mo. after having major surgery.
    My surgeon placed a Brace in my back and then fusion's grow into

    The brace has 2 bars on each side ( left & right ) anf then a top bar.
    They used screws - painful because I feel it, and they did 4 fusions.
    I know it was L4 - L5, but the other's I can not recall.
    They pulled my spinal cord back into place due to my disc's rubbing on spial cord for yrs. Also some degererited all disc where bone on bone.
    So much more was done in the 10 1/2 hour's of surgery.
    Currently, my P.A. who works w/ surgeron is starting to tapper me off one of my pain meds ( not doing well w/ that ) then I insitied for a pain med, and he gives my low dose of OXY/325 tylenol.
    I see my P.A. at the spine clinic next week, due to having to do a cat-scan because they are worried about something.
    When I go next week I honestly feel like I amgoing to blow too much steam at him.
    Still cannot wash my laundy, dish's, vacume, bathing ( even though I have a shower chair, and take off shower hose) I have days that I am in bed for 7-9 dyas do to pain.
    Two mo's ago my X moved in to help ( we were not married, but togeather for many yrs ) he helps, but also has a F.T. job M-F,

    After all that venting, is anyone experincing what I am going though?
    Is anyone using differnt kinds of pain mgnt.?
    I'm bad have not been doing my re-hab, P.T. due to sleeping too much, and my pain
    PrincessNYC responded:
    I have herniated discs at 3 levels in my neck and two levels in my back with stenosis at all levels. The spine specialist said that meds and PT will only provide temporary relief but will not fix the problem. And I will eventually need surgery.

    My headache pain level is at a 2 with some residual head pressure/heaviness but I'm on a strong NSAID 1x/day. But I've only been on this NSAID for about 2 weeks now. The neuropathic pain I experience happens all day with breaks in between. And thats at a 4.

    I sympathize with what you're going thru. I'm not an expert, but PT may be helpful.
    piggy80218 replied to PrincessNYC's response:
    yes I know and understand to well the pain you are experencing.
    I am to do 2-3 yrs of P.T. and have not been able to go -
    pain, then when I do take a flexerl I am out for hours ,and miss lots of appt's, I'm Bad...............
    I had neck surgery from a car accident yrs ago, 2 pain mgnt.Dr.s, injections all over back w/ sterdiods, other meds in trigger injections.
    Oh I just thought re: your pain. Has any Dr. suggested trigger injetions? They do help, you can do an epadual ( they put you out for that due to the pain.) Also sterdiod injections- neck,back.
    Some people an epaderal can last 1 wk. 6 mo's and longer in some cases. Just an idea.....
    You may want to ask your Dr.
    Good luck, and stay in touch.
    piggy80218 replied to PrincessNYC's response:
    Hello again,
    I really belive the P.A. to my surgeoun belives I am faking my pain.
    Yesterday,I was in awful with draws, due to my P.A. ( and me expaining when he wanted to go my Oral Morp. I was not doing very well.
    Take 1 2X's daily,and then one pill once a day. I was not doing well taking one tablet, and stressed I was w/d somedays, and went back up 2 a day. The P.A.went on vacation,and mailed out another RX ( my last RX for morp )
    My part D RX would not fill the script, stating it was too soon to fill.
    Anyhoo, I finally got the head R.N. to get a RX out in the mail, and the walgreens brought to me.
    But I was going though W/D for all most 4 hours. AWFUL
    My primary is taking over, and he is wonderful, understands pain, and more.
    How is P.T. working for you ????
    I have to get into P.T. for 2 yrs
    Take good care of your-self, and if you will be needing surgery I would start inteviewing ortho. surgeons. Nero-surgeons are not good when it comes to working on the back.
    Plus a Nero-surgeoun performed major brain surgey on my be-lated son ,caused a stroke durning surgery and never told this me, family who helping take care of my son. The surgery was to stop his seizure's, and the seizure's got worst due to Dr. cutting a vein ???? So the stroke caused more seizures.
    I do not know where you live, but if you near by the Mayo hosptial, or UCLA in Calif two very excellent hospitals.
    Take extra good care of yourself.

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