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    Not being taken seriously.
    crzyb77 posted:
    Hi, I just signed up to maybe get some advice as to getting my doctor to take me seriously.

    About a year and half ago I started getting sharp stabbing pain in my right shoulder joint ( don't remember an injury however I was moving at that time). It would come and go and didn't last for very long so I didn't seek out any care for it as I thought it was nothing more than aging and being hard on my body. Over time however the pain has traveled down my arm and into my hands. The beginning of this year though while at work my right arm went numb and I started to get severe weakness to the point of dropping a tray of food at the restaurant that I worked. Even now somedays I can't even pour myself a cup of coffee with my right arm, it hurts and just doesn't work, no strength or grip.

    At that point I went to the ER and was told I would need to see a neurologist, which I couldn't due to no insurance. I lost my job as I was considered a liability (no one wants a waitress that has intermittent numbness and weakness and pain to potentially drop hot food on the customers).

    Now because of no income I've been granted state health insurance, but it seems the assigned doctors office (never been able to actually see the doctor, they give me to the nurse practitioners) act like they don't really believe that I'm having any problems. I was prescribed vicodin and prednisone at first and no tests. A week of taking those medications I went to the ER with bad side effects, not sure which medication caused it, but I had bumps on my tongue my neck had swelled visibly from the outside and it was hard to swallow and hard to breathe. ER doctor said it was normal and to continue the medications.

    I did not continue the medications, and instead started myself on a course of benadryl (I've seen allergic reactions before and my sister whom is a RN said not to take them if that was the reactions). So I followed up with the PCP office. The NP that I saw that time started in on not getting anymore pain medications and then started grilling me about going to the ER for more pain medications. It took me some time and showing her that I still had a full bottle of pain meds before she even wanted to know why I was following up. At that point I was told it is just muscle spasms and a possible strain and prescribed flexerall and ibuprofen 800. NP did say she wanted me to get an ultra sound and after 2 weeks the referral has not come through. None of the medications have provided any relief at all and I won't take the prednisone or vicodin because of the reaction I had while taking them.

    Now I'm starting to get that same sharp stabbing pain in my right hip. I'm afraid however of going back to the doctors office to seek help. I don't want to take medications if they cause bad reactions, and I was begging the NP to help me find out what is wrong and how to fix it. Her response was I may never find out.

    So how do I get the doctors and/or nurse practitioners to take me seriously and get tests ordered, instead of just throwing pills at me then treating me like thats all I want? Am I just doomed to deal with this for the rest of my life?

    I'm just frustrated that I'm not able to do the things I would like to do because of the arm feeling weak, fatigued and in pain. I can't play ball with my 12 yo son, and it is started affecting my marriage. I just want to get better and would love a good nights sleep.
    cweinbl responded:
    Sounds neurological to me. You need an MRI or CAT-scan. The rule is to first diagnose, then to treat. Maybe you need to make such a nusance of yourself that they schedule the testing. The squaky wheel gets oiled. Harrass them until they order testing.
    crzyb77 replied to cweinbl's response:
    Thank you for your response. I guess thats my game plan then, I'll keep on it until they listen. I only want to know whats going on with me and how to fix it, or make it better. I guess I just needed that encouragement that I am not totally crazy. Thanx again I will update this if/when I find out whats happening to me, maybe that way it can help someone else down the road.
    cweinbl replied to crzyb77's response:
    Terrific. Remember that physicians are just people. They are no better, bigger, higher or more unreachable than any of us. Never think of yourself in terms of inequality. You have every right to treat the physician as any other person WHO WORKS FOR YOU. That's right, your physician is the same as your auto mechanic. THEY work for YOU. Treat them as you would your plumber - with respect and as an EQUAL. My dad was a psychiatrist. Most of his friends were physicians. I spent my entire childhood and adolescence with this crowd. Never fear your physician. Never be afraid to ask questions. If you doctor tries to flee, say "Stop!" Almost all of them will stop. If one doesn't, well maybe you really belong with someone else. Best of luck to you. And thanks for allowing this be my sounding board. I was not speaking in particular to you in my comments above. They were intended for anyone who fears their physician or is afraid to ask questions.
    nononsenselady replied to cweinbl's response:
    I really like you! Will you go to the doctor next time I need to go?! I have read several of your comments and I feel like I am getting good information. Thanks so much for putting so much of your time and knowledge into this site! Thanks again from Laurie
    mpathia replied to cweinbl's response:
    3 months ago cweinbl Have you tried this method? I have. Doesn't work. I didn't need a parent in the medical field to figure that out. You try it... You'll end up in a Psych ward.
    bren_bren replied to mpathia's response:
    Hi MPathia, Don't know if you will check here, but want you to know I'm praying for you. Let us know if you have had success with treatment/diagnosis. Take care, B

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