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    How much pain are we supposed to consider manageable?
    An_245624 posted:
    I have had fibro since 1998, I also have degenerative disc disease in my back and neck, GERD so that I must sit up to sleep, my body does not hold onto potassium some is lost in my urine but the docs really don't know why this is happening, can't get the hiatal hernia fixed that's causing the GERD cause they can't figure out the potassium. I also have extreme muscle and joint pain that is excrutiating. Each doc just sys they don't know (14 of them now I think). I live my life in little moments between the pain waves. It's been too many years, the meds(even the strongest narcs) do not help. I have really had it with the whole medical community. No one wants to figure out what is wrong they just want to give me more pain meds that dont work. Im desperate for help! The pain is consuming my everything! Don't know how much more Ican take. By the way, I am a 52 yr old female who has not felt like a woman in 8 yrs as I also have no sex drive. I'm not a wife or a mother, a friend. I am a black hole of pain.
    cweinbl responded:
    There are dozens of effective pain medications and dozens more off-label drugs that can reduce chronic pain. Unfortunately, we're all different and we each react uniquely to pain medications. Many chronic pain patients react better to a combination of pain medications, particularly long and short-acting drugs and off-label medications, such as anti-depressants and anti-convulsants. Thus, one must try all of these drugs individually and in combination, as directed by your physician. This can literally take years because it can take weeks to determine how much any new medication or a combination of medications is helping. Eventually, almost everyone will discover his or her most efficacious combination. Unfortunately, some patients experience serious and lasting side effects to the best medications for pain. However, the primary lesson is to work with a physician and to rotate drugs in order to discover your best medications.
    nononsenselady responded:
    I just started on this blog. When I read your blog I wanted to cry for you, because you sound just like me. I am 60 now so I have had 8 more years of suffering than you have. You feel boxed into a corner with no doctor to help. What good are doctors if they can't spend the time to follow through with you? I would be willing to pay a lot( have to borrow it) to find 1 doctor to help with pain med's, diet, etc.. You hurt so much and are drained of energy and everyone in your life is whizzing around too busy to help. I have fibromyalgia, kidney stones, and several other ailments too. I have started hydrocodone but already feel that I need to take more to get the same relief. My psychologist was the one why finally prescribed it for me. No one else would even considered it. They were adamantly against it. I just couldn't believe that I could sit in their office and cry and be told just go and suffer. Just wanted you to know that I know what you mean when you say you aren't a wife, morther, friend etc.
    77grace responded:
    Hello An-245624,
    Well its been 5 months since you posted this so I don't even know if you ae still with us !!!I realy hope so because you seem to be drowning in suffering and Pain!You know,there are times when I have felt the same way but thank God,Literally,I am doing better !!!Not so much with the Pain but its how I look at it and try to deal with it!
    I started to notice that when I'm really hurting alot and if I reach out to someone I know who is also suffering and listen instead of talk about me ,I eventually start to feel a little better!
    I'm not trying to be insesitive because I too suffer and can see how bad you have it,so Please know I'm here for you!
    I hope your still here!Are you feeling any better???Any new treatments or meds??

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