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    Mpathia gone
    An_243299 posted:
    I cannot navigate on this board. I feel so much worse now that I've read some of the responses to my post.

    I cannot take being hurt anymore. My cousin just died and I just can't take anything at all... It doesn't matter... I just couldn't be mean to anyone....
    bren_bren responded:

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I hope that you can get the support you deserve.

    I have created this community to offer support to those afflicted with chronic pain (and their families). I hope you don't run into any remarks on this board that are hurtful, but I do not have the ability to delete comments.

    I see you are having trouble navigating between communities. Maybe I can clarify a few things and encourage you to continue to seek help within the forum that's going to offer encouragement, rather than play 20 questions.

    The other board, where you received many questions about your treatment, is moderated. A webMD staff member is able to delete inappropriate comments. Also their are 2 PM Docs who offer input from time to time.

    People living in pain tend to be grumpy, eccentric and sometimes cynical--I know I can be at times. Whatever happened over there should not warrant your withdrawal from seeking help and support; however, I would hope that you find more compassion here.

    If you want to track conversations you're involved in, click add to my watch list & a link will be provided in an email from WebMD that you can click to take you to the right board.

    I noticed you had a few messages here that you meant to post over in the moderated community.

    I kinda feel partly to blame for bringing those comments to your attention. I didn't think it was necessary for you to look them up, I just assumed that you may have viewed them already. I think you would have been better off just reading what Anon 160... & I initially posted.

    All that being said, it's time to move forward. I sincerely hope that you can get the support & help that EVERY chronic pain patient deserves.

    Are you learning cognitive behavioral techniques from the psychiatrist? Certain psychiatrists are trained in helping us patients deal w/ the pain just by a change in thought patterns-biofeedback is a successful way to trick your brain, so it will help to interprate pain signals differently.

    I have ideas to share, support to offer, but I just want to see if you're still here. You need help. So do I. Please try to continue an open dialogue. It's safe here.

    Btw, don't apologize! You didn't do anything wrong. It was a huge misunderstanding.

    Hugs, B
    An_243299 replied to bren_bren's response:
    This is from Mpathia: I still don't know how to post a reply. You &Anon 160 have been very kind. I don't fit in here. I'm 1/2" away from offing myself... being mean is more than I can take. Assuming things is, too. I think too many people do that. It's not "safe" here. I don't understand moderarted and whatever... I only know that people said unkind things. I do not believe in bio-feedback, or looking at lights, or anything like that... I've done it all.. My brain cannot be "tricked"... everyone's different.

    I just want to say think you agian to you and Annette. I can't take abuse. Speaking of that... I never, ever abused a drug in my life... And I have never gotten a "high" either. Another "assumpiton".
    bren_bren replied to An_243299's response:
    Well, I'm truly saddened by your post, MPathia. Just know that we are here if you need support.
    mpathia replied to bren_bren's response:
    I posted asking for help because I'm not great with computers... I hope this reply has MY name... that's my worst problem with the site right now...

    I sincerely have to thank you and An243299...

    Truly, you've made me feel better... Thank you.
    77grace replied to mpathia's response:
    I just read ytour post even though its 2 weeks old!I think I can understand where you are coming from!Yes, people can say mean things and seem like they are judgemental but try to think about them differently!I am !You know,You did'nt know them before ,You've nevermeet them ,can't see them and won't!So,don't give them to power to hurt you!Maybe you can imagine the key board your using and mentally push DELETE!
    Take care of Mpathia,77grace
    bren_bren replied to 77grace's response:
    I agree with you, Grace. It's awful that strangers who suffer in similar ways can be emotional bulldozers. It is about power. Don't surrender your power, MPathia. Keep on for your own sake. Let everyone else wallow in negativity. CHOOSE TO NOT BE INVOLVED.
    77grace replied to bren_bren's response:
    Hi bren-bren ,
    Sorry that I have'nt replied till now,I was just browsing through and saw this!
    Has anyone heard from MPathia?Unfortunatly I don't know the whole story of the post but I get the Idea,your so right ,we can choose to get involved in the negative side or step out of it and move onto something that helps us smile and help others!
    Today is a really bad one for me,PAIN wise I mean,I am thankful though that they are not always like this!!!
    Take care,77grace
    bren_bren replied to 77grace's response:
    hey 77Grace,

    I haven't been on at all so I didn't worry about your response. No, I have not heard from Mpathia.
    i hope she is doing alright.

    i have been in pain hell too and was just informed by my prolo doc that he will end our relationship/treatment if I don't ween off all narcotics.
    The very medications I rely on to take care of my son, function, sleep, etc. should be a thing of the past. I'm not in a great state of mind to just drop the use of a fentanyl patch.

    I'm sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I feel bad for you knowing that you rely on very little medication in order to function and have to deal with so much pain.

    I don't know if you will come accross this post, but if you do,just realize that I'm pulling for you (and thinking/praying) that you find relief. You are such a kind person.

    Take care of yourself, B
    An_243299 replied to bren_bren's response:
    Dear Bren_ Bren & 77grace:

    I still am not "good" at navigating; but I hope you both know how much it mean to me to "have" you both... I'm kinda going a little faster than I thought. My spine's gone. Most of my pain is from the nerves being "compressed". RI is NOT great for pain managemnet and is nothing like I thought it would be. I have made so many calls. All they want to do is "suck" your money and tell you to exercise. Doctor gave me a pkg with instructions of "how" to walk...and a pedometer. I collapsed at 275 steps. I DO try. I need more than the prescription of "walking". Every vertabrea (spell?) has "something" wrong... the worst being the "cauda equine" region where most of the nerves "branch out". Severe degenerative arthritis, and spinal stenosis. I wish God would hear my pleas for an "end". I have lost ALL my friends, and most of my family. No one wants to be around a "sick" person. You can't make plans. Eventually, they "drop " you.It's okay, I understand. But, I try so hard. So very hard...& a change of doctors gave me a little bit of "hope"; then that fell through, too. I don''t wnat to live on medications, but why can't they "follow up" one their promises of orthopedics, etc? Anyway, I thank you both and God Bless you always.. as per usual, I am "up" with pain.. take care.... Mpathia

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