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    Buddha Belly Explanation
    peachyisthelife posted:
    Ok so I guess a lot of you may not be aware of the buddha belly. When my first child began walking at 11 mo, suddenly his tummy got huge! I was seriously freaked out at what was going on. It seemed so sudden and just didn't "fit" the rest of his body. Finally I came to learn this. When a toddler begins to walk, their stomach rounds/sticks out in order to balance his body out (probably more like balance out their little tush!). Makes sense when you think about it. But until you know this actual fact, you may be freaked out like I was!

    This came up in that other post, and I wish someone had told me sooner with my first child, so hopefully this can help some of yall.
    irishgal01 responded:
    so there is an explanation for it! I thought maybe he was just taking after his grandfather with a nice little beer belly!
    smatusiak responded:
    Good to know because Kayla has a serious buddha belly. It's not lumpy baby fat, it's very tight and round, like a pregnant belly. It's always sticking out of her shirts. Hopefully it will slim down as she grows.
    DAB1975 responded:
    I LOVE Maya's little buddha belly.!!!

    And the funniest thing about it is that it is gone in the morning and comes back as the day progresses. She has a pretty small tush so I am not sure that it is balancing anything, I think that she is just working on digesting as the day goes along. But whatever causees it, I just think it adorable. And like today, when she pulls up her shirt and investigates it, I just want to eat her up.
    sarahgrl responded:
    Yeah I was reading in my toddler book that it is normal and not to worry about it. It'll be gone by the time they're three (it's what it doesn't go away you should be worried) Kinseys belly gets even more rounded after she eats and it's hilarious, like I have a little pregnant girl wandering around my house if she hasn't just eaten she actually looks slim.
    aaguillon13 replied to smatusiak's response:
    Hi. Did your daughters belly go away? I have a 4 yr old girl and she has a pretty big tummy. Just like you described your daughters; tight & round and always sticking out. I'm worried it will get worse.

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