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    Crystal light good or bad
    alohamav posted:
    I have been giving my 16 month old son Crystal light for a while (he loves it) My doctor even said that it was fine. But I have a few Older friends of my parents telling me that I shouldn't be giving him that. I need some advice...... Yes or No to the crystal light?
    TanyaJP responded:
    I would listen to your doctor...if they say it's fine, i would think it was.
    ambern99 responded:
    I personally wouldn't give DS that on the regular basis, maybe once in a long while because it usually contains aspartame or something similar in it as a sweetener which I don't like. But it's up to you and what you feel comfortable with.
    cheeezie25 responded:
    Personally, I think that is kind of a weird drink to give a child. That is usually for women who want to cut cals and not gain weight... thereit has flavor but no nutritional value. Have you tried just giving your son juice? You can always dilute with a little water it if you are worried about it having too much sugar, but I would say natural sugar from fruit would be more healthy than artificial sweetners...
    roni090909 responded:
    I would not give it to Tyler. I won't even put fake sugar in my body, so there is no way I would put it in Tyler's. I give him a little apple juice mixed with mostly water or I just give him water.
    KatieS83 responded:
    I drink Crystal light, my son has had a sippy of it now and then when we run out of his juice, i dont give it to him often as a lot of these artificial sweetners can have a laxitive effect if consumed in high amounts. I would say now and then its ok, but wouldnt make it an every day thing.
    kmcarnag responded:
    Aspartame is the sweetner used in Crystal Light. It is completely safe for almost all people (children/pregnant women/elderly/anyone). There are 2 reasons you might not give it to your son. They are 1) he has PKU disease (a genetic metabolism error that does not allow his body to use phenylalanine (a component of protein). Your son does not have that disease or you would have been told at the hospital and he would be on a restricted diet. 2) It is calorie free. Children have high caloric needs. If he is not consuming enough calories via food, you might want to use juice or milk instead. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using products that contain aspartame. If he likes it, and he's eating plenty of calories throughout the day, go for it.
    Silver623 responded:
    I love crystal light but also know it's not good for me (aspartame). DS who is 3 asks for some when he sees me drink it so I will occasionally give him a watered down cup but try to avoid it. DD doesn't even know it exists yet and I plan to keep her on just milk and water for as long as I can. I would say once in awhile and watered down it is probably okay but I would avoid it if you could.
    jlcohen78 responded:
    No. I'm with Roni on this one. No fake sugars in my DC's bodies.
    miob responded:
    We don't have it around the house, but that's because I'm not a fan of it. If your pedi says it's fine, I would continue to give it to him. I'm thinking he/she probably knows more about the pros and cons than the older friends of your parents. If you don't trust their opinion, then why have them as your pedi in the first place? I know mine always has the best interest of my son at heart and for me, what he says goes. (Yup, I admit it - I have the world's best pediatrician!)
    KCAimee replied to miob's response:
    I wouldn't hesitate to give artificial sweetners to my kids on occasion but not an everyday thing. While artificial sweetners are safe it doesn't mean they are good for you. I try to stick to splenda which is made from sugar which I feel is better. My kids eat the lite applesauce that it sweetened with splenda or the natural that has no added sweeteners. So, yes, I would occasionally (once a weekish) give my child crystal light but based on my own preferences to try to avoid artificial sweeteners that would be it for me.
    sarahaguirre responded:
    I don't think it's a huge deal if it's on occassion.I don't think I'd be ok with it as an everday thing. I only give DD the Gerber Harvest juice (heavily diluted) since it counts as a serving of fruit. I have given DD diluted Crystal Light a few times when we are out of juice and I know she's expecting it (she normally gets juice with dinner). I'm with Christine though. I would think natural sugars in juice are healthier then artificial sweetners.
    kmcarnag responded:
    Aspartame is not a sugar at all. It is a chain of 3 amino acids (the same compounds that make up protein) that happens to taste sweet and mixes in water. It is as safe as protein. There is nothing wrong with giving it to children. If your kid likes it and eats a balanced diet, there is no harm in allowing it. Your doctor must already know this or s/he would not have told you it is safe.
    ad1978 replied to kmcarnag's response:
    there might not be anything "wrong" with it, but there really isn't any BENEFIT either, so what is the point? Is it just a treat? In that case, just offer it once in a while (that's what makes it a treat!), or better yet, replace it with a treat that has beneficial calories.

    Are you offering it b/c LO is thirsty? In that case, water, milk, or diluted juice is a much better choice.

    Or are you simply offering it b/c LO sees you drinking it and wants what you're having? In that case, again, I don't think it is a problem occassionally, but certainly not beneficial.
    gemini5324 replied to kmcarnag's response:
    Actually, it is made up of amino acids, this is true, but just because it is an amino acid, doesn't mean that it is harmless. I have read many international studies that conclude that aspartame has the potential to be quite harmful. I find it interesting that US studies seem to be the only ones that say this product is safe. The FDA also states that aspartame use is "safe" for school aged children and adults, and specifically says that it is not recommended for infants. Artifical sweeteners are just that- artificial. I don't let me kids drink anything sweetened with aspartame or any other artificial sweetener except maybe Truvia. I might be too cautious, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

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