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    21 month old won't walk!!!!
    brooketini03 posted:
    Help!!!! My 21 month old still will not walk without holding on. She will not let go of anything especially me. She has to hold on to a pant leg or shirt, because if she don't she will scream to the top of her lungs and cry, cry, cry. She is terrified. Im fed up with my family saying "well i guess you will be carrying her around till shes 5". "Make her walk". Im getting looked at like a bad mother from the entire family. Please. What can i do? I have tried everything, and she is terrified. It is like she has no balance and when she lets go she wobbles and sits down. I have taken her to the doctor and he says she is fine and has great muscle in her legs. What am i doing wrong?
    mtnwolf responded:
    Keep trying to encourage her, and stay calm. My 22 month old isn't walking on her own but does have some issues with her muscles and is in therapy. I definitely know how you feel about what other people say. I was almost relieved to get a diagnosis! Try to sit in the floor opposite someone else, daddy or grandma usually are good choices, someone LO likes! And, try to get her to go between the two of you. Make a game out of it whatever you try to do. It's always better when it's not work! Also, try to walk away from her and not hover over her as much (not that you do, but I did this often). It may give her the incentive to try to go find you and maybe she'll actually have to let go at some point. Other than that I have no easy suggestions. You might contact a physical therapist for suggestions if nothing else is working. It's really a blessing your LO doesn't have any problems physically! It's heartbreaking to have someone tell you otherwise. HTH
    peyandashmom replied to mtnwolf's response:
    My son did not walk until he was almost 18 months. It was frustrating, but we just tried to stay calm about it. One day he just stood up and started walking. He would also cling to me and scream for me to pick him up. I finally stopped doing it, and tried to encourage him to move on his own if he wanted to follow mommy around the house.

    Do you have a pediatric orthopedist in your area? Most will see you without a doctor's referral, and they may have some ideas on how to interest her in walking.
    MandyMartinez83 responded:
    I dont think you are doing anything wrong so dont beat yourself up. Maybe she just isnt ready to walk on her own yet. When she is secure and ready she will walk. Its when they decide, we cant make them do it. My mom and grandma were telling me that they used to use a bed sheet to make me walk. You just wrap it around her tummy and I guess make her like a little puppet. You can also do what pp said. My DH and i do that with DS all the time we just use his favorite to and he kinda walks to it. But like I and all the pp said, dont worry. She will walk when SHE is ready. Just ignore your family, I think most mommies know how family can get at times. If the dr said everything is ok, then she must be ok. Good luck!
    cheeezie25 responded:
    I know some kids are just late bloomers in terms of walking, but at 21 months, I would begin to be a bit more concerned. know you mentioned that your doctor said that her leg muscles seem fine, but there is more than just leg muscles that go into walking. If I were you, I would push for the pediatrician to give you a referal to Early Intervention to see if she qualifies for therapy. Even if she seems strong, PT might be able to help her if she is having balance and coordination problems, and the team that will come out to assess her will likely have more specialized training in motor skills development than her regular pediatrician. We've had EI come out twice to evaluate my son, and it has been a good experience both times. He has lower than average muscle tone, but is very strong otherwise (muscle strength and muscle tone are two very different things). He is 15 months today and is not yet walking.
    robyn47001 responded:
    My DD is almost 16 months and was just diagnosed with low muscle tone after the ped had been telling me that all was fine. Finally he sent us to a pediatric ortho because he thought she have flat feet and after some x-rays she gave us the low muscle tone diagnosis. My advice would be to seek out another Dr. and see what they have to say. You may need to get with a physical therapist and they can show you how to better work with her and help her gain the confidence to walk on her own.

    My family tells me the same thing to "make" her walk but with some babies that just doesn't work!!
    katieb426 responded:
    You should have her evaluated. My LO is in physical therapy (20 months and not walking). Her doctor insisted that her muscle tone was fine and she was just a late bloomer. I disagreed and had her evaluated by Early Intervention. The physical therapists all agreed that she had low muscle tone and she has been in therapy for 6 months now. She is still pretty weak on her left side and through her hips.

    She is able to take a few steps on her own, but acts exactly like your LO. Cries and shakes if we try to make her walk. Her PT says it's because she's not physically ready and still needs to strengthen her muscles.

    Right now you can do lots of "practicing" and muscle strengthening exercises. Have her practice going from sitting (like on a step) to standing over and over. Have her practice reaching in all directions while in a standing position. Use toys to motivate her and keep it all positive.

    You're instincts are right, so go with them. You know your LO best!
    alinedelima responded:
    my 16 month old is the same way and shs a twin her sister walked at 12 months and she has not want to walk shes scare of being left alone to walk..

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