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    Normal or Not?
    Treyquansmommy posted:
    I have a 18mo old son and at about 7mos he refused to use his bottle and opted for his sippy cup and then at around 9mos he began discarding his pacifiers and opted to just cry or find something to do well recently my friend came over with a baby and he acted as though he wanted her bottle and pacifier(identical to the one he got rid of last)..I'm confused as to why he would want those items and should I give them back to him..Recently he has had quite a few issues behaving and I'm wondering If he is missing his bottle and pacifier and I see that some of you are having issues with bedtime and I;m having quite a few of the same peoblems he sleeps alone sometimes but often wakes up screaming only to make his way to the bedroom and hobble into the bed..For the most part I'm just unsure of what to do with him..he seems like a little grown man to me..and potty training is failing so I've given that up.

    Basic overview
    18mo old boy
    wants bottle and pacifier when he gave them up willingly
    Sleeps alone but seems to have nightmares
    has been attempting to acquire more attention than normal

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    lenono97 responded:
    Sounds kind of normal. I think small children in general want what the other child has. No matter what it is. He is to old for a bottle now so I would not give it back to him. You could try a paci if you wanted. Just remember, it may not be as easy to get it away next time! As for potty training, he seems a little young to start that. That could be why it's not working. From what I have heard most boys don't start potty training until they are over two years old. But ever child is different. As far as the change in behavior, has his environment changed? Sometimes new people around, or someone no longer around or change in day care or schedule, just to name a few examples, can be upseting for a child and they can take longer to adapt. It could also just be the start of the "terrible twos!" If it's serious changes in his behavior, I would talk to your pedi. Good luck!
    aly26580 responded:
    i say dont give him the bottle but give him the paci. after even a week of not having one, babies forget how to use a paci and even "lose" the muscles to suck on it correctly (or at least how he used to) my lo doesnt use one but she will play with it ie put it in her mouth and spit it out as if she doesnt know what to do with it. he probably wont even realize what its supposed to do.

    as for the bottle... we have been off the bottle for two months and only used sippy cups. everytime she sees her cousins bottle she wants it but i think its more monkey see monkey do... or she just wants the milk in it ha ha. her cousin is 3 and "attached" to the bottle so you woulndt want that happening with your lo. but then again it may be just like a paci and he wont know how to use it!
    roni090909 responded:
    I think this totally normal but at this point I wouldn't give either back. Why start the habits back up. Toddlers want what they don't have but that doesn't mean they get it. He is way too old to have a bottle at this point, especially since the habit was broken a long time ago. Personally I just wouldn't give the paci either, that's not a fun habit to break and why put yourself in that position.
    Treyquansmommy replied to lenono97's response:
    The potty is usually his idea..I tell him to undo his diaper he throws it in the trash and heads to his potty. The environment is a totally different one than he was accustomed to for the first year.
    Silver623 responded:
    Sounds pretty normal to me. DS never took a paci yet when DD had one the first week or so he wanted it. I wouldn't give either of them to him at this point. My DS has finally become potty trained (day, not night) and he is 3.5. 18 months is really young to worry about potty training. Nightmares and wanting mommy during night wakings is completely normal at this age. My DS still does this and seriously the dreams he tells me about.....I'd be scared too if I thought there were giant green hippos in my room! Just give him all the love and attention you possibly can and express how he is such a big boy with his big kid cup, etc,

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