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    Flying with 6month old
    chicochick26 posted:
    I was wondering is any of you took a long flight with your child around 6 months old. I was wondering if you could give me advice on changing and feeding while in flight, any advice regarding flying wold be helpful, thanks.
    TyPatrick08 responded:
    My son was 6 months when we flew... we only had a 2 1/2 hour flight so depending on the length of your flight it may be different. I made sure he had the freshest possible diaper on before boarding the plane. For changins (southwest airline) they ahd a fold down changing table in the plane that I had used because of course he BLEW out a big one!! I also had two ready to go bottles filled with water and the container seperater of formula powder... airport scanned it to make sure it was safe... but did not give me any problems with it everything was in a diaper bag. I did not ahve a stroller we borrowed one while in florida so I strapped him to me to carry around. I had shoes on him it is easier to not have shoes on the baby because you have to take them off also at airport. I brought tons of toys with us and he was pretty occupied he ended up sleeping half the time and the window big hit he was amazed looking out the window for a constant good 30 minutes at one point. Good Luck!
    KerryMills responded:
    I flew several times with DS before he was one. If possible, I would get the window seat. Then, I would have something to rest my arm against during half of his feeding and if he fell asleep. Before he got too big, I would change him on my lap. The bathrooms do have a changing table that swings down on top of the toilet, but I hate using the air plane bathrooms, and avoided them as long as I could. (Get some scented bags in case you have a dirty diaper.)

    I always fed him during take offs and landings to make his ears pop.

    Another great tip that I got from these boards is to get a car seat bag. There is no charge to check a car seat, and you can fill the bag with other things and avoid the luggage fees.
    roni090909 responded:
    Try to make it so that he will nap on the plane, this is by far the easiest way to get through a flight with a LO. We did bottles during take off and landing. If LO is using a paci make sure you have.

    Relax. Flying with a LO is alot easier then it seems. DS has been on many flights with me. Also, if you are bringing a carseat get a bag. You can stuff it full of stuff and its free to check.
    linzuh04 responded:
    We flew to the Netherlands when DS was 9 mos, and now we are flying back to the US Thursday (he's 18 mos). It's a 10 hour flight.

    If your flight is that long, bring the carseat for the seat. We have CARES for DD (we have it for DS now that he's bigger) but I noticed DD didnt sleep as well as DS did and he was in his carseat.

    This time I have an entire carryon of snacks. DD refused to eat the food on the plane (which was actually really good because we were in first class), so she whined and cried alot, so this time I have a bunch of snacks.

    Dont go overboard on toys! I dont even think DD played with much of anything. She had some headphones so she could watch the movies, but aside from that, she had a few mini sized toys. DS had 3-4 toys too that he played with.

    The flight attendants were more than willing to help us. They warmed bottles for me (I dont remember how they did it) and watched/entertained the kids while I went to the bathroom.

    Most airlines have bassinets available. They are really cool. You sit in the bulkhead aisle and they hook to the front wall. Definitely ask for the bulkhead aisle, as it gives you more room to move around. They dont release these seats until 24 hrs before your flight (I asked for this so I'll be checking in ASAP.

    Make sure you use alot of diaper cream. Sometimes you arent able to get up and change them, so make sure he/she has a good barrier layer on her bottom.
    sarahann1978 replied to roni090909's response:
    Roni, what brand of bag do you have? I looked on Amazon and there are a bunch of them with a bunch of different features, so I was wondering if you or anyone else has any recomendations?
    roni090909 replied to sarahann1978's response:
    I bought this one.

    I love it, its the only one big enough to fit the britax boulevard and the chicco infant carrier. Apparently both are huge seats. And bonus, it is the cheapest one. No wheels and nothing fancy but it does the job good.
    chicochick26 responded:
    Thank you everyone for all of your wisdom. Wish me luck! We're going California to NY and back!

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