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    I'am soooooooooooo ready!!!!!
    babydue3509 posted:
    maybe it's just me but I'am soooooo ready to have another baby, dd#1 is almost 4yrs old and dd#2 is 15months but I'am soooo ready to try for a BOY this will be our last so I pray it will be a boy whenever I get pregnant! Are any of u feeling the urge well to renue ur mommy license LOL
    almostthere2317 responded:
    DD is 14 months and I found out I had a m/c with number 2 a little over a month ago. Now whenever I look at DD or her early pictures and whenever I go anywhere and see little babies I get the urge BAD!! I would love to have a boy this time too. I've always wanted a girl and a boy. we're going to try again in a couple of months or so though but I totally know how you feel!
    lenono97 responded:
    Yes, I am so ready. We have been seriously talking about it as well. I think we will start trying in another month or so. We already have a girl (18 months) so a boy next would be nice, but something tells me it will be another girl before we get our boy.
    earleyml1012 responded:
    YES! I just went off birth control so we'll see. Hopefully it will happen soon. My DD is almost 18 months, so 2 1/2 years would be a good age difference. Originally we were hoping for one of each but financially we're thinking another girl might not be too bad.
    TyPatrick08 responded:
    I can`t wait to TRY AGAIN!!!!! We are holding off due to us getting married April 30, 2011 but I am hoping on our honeymoon i get preggo!!! The kids would be a little over 3 years apart which is ideal for us... hopefully Tyler is potty trained too! I work in peds so I see these little babies all the time and I CANT WAIT!!! But in the mean time I have my little niece who is only a month old.
    ad1978 responded:
    OT, but I just noticed your screen name has the actual birth date of my DD!! (3/5/09) :0) When was your 15 month old actually born?
    babydue3509 replied to ad1978's response:
    Hey my due date was 3/5/09 but I had her 2/25/09 due to her being sooooooo big lol so our little ones are around the same age
    babydue3509 responded:
    Yes well girls I already have two daughters ages 3 1/2 and 15mnths and I'am just ready to have another one and my husband is too........... I stopped taking my birth control 4/25 and I'am still waiting on a cycle so I dont know when it will happen but I definetly will post with excitement as soon as Iam pregnant
    babydue3509 replied to lenono97's response:
    lol that is too funny but true me on the other hand I already have 2 girls so I want a boy and I have already been giving the girl stuff away lol
    babydue3509 replied to earleyml1012's response:
    I went off of it to in April and I have never wanted to have a period so bad lol so we can start trying again
    breezy_83255 responded:
    I went off bc last month with the hope that I would get pregnant sometime in the next 6 months or so. We weren't "trying," we were just going to let nature take its course. Apparently it did. I just found out I'm pregnant- SURPRISE! No cycle and DD2 and this baby will be around 20 months apart. DD1 and DD2 are 25 months apart- my hands will be full!
    babydue3509 replied to breezy_83255's response:
    I think that is awesome CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! I thought maybe I was trying to soon because my oldest dd is 3 1/2 and the other is 15months!!!! Well if I get pregnant now my oldeast will be 4 and the other 2 around the time I deliver...... And Iam excited about it so please pray for me!!!!!!1

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