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    Birth Stories!!! (APO 2nd Tri)
    eliguns841984 posted:
    okay, I've been lurking on the third tri board and it has made me reminisce about when DS was born. It's always fun to tell your birth story, so second + time moms, let's hear your birth stories! But, I wanna know about the funny and embarrassing moments too! Here's mine:

    My EDD was August 4, 08 but I said from DAY ONE of my pregnancy that I knew this baby was coming in July. The night before my birthday, I was leaving work and someone asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said "A BABY" and laughed because I knew that wasn't going to happen...I was just sick of being pregnant. I had made dinner at home with DH as usual and was feeling physically fine...but I just had that gut feeling that the time was coming SOON. I asked DH to please put the hospital bag in the car and he asked if I was okay. I still had almost two weeks until my EDD so I just said yes, but I had a feeling we would need that bag soon! The night went on as usual and we stayed up too late as usual, finally going to sleep around midnight. At 3 a.m., when it was officially my birthday, I got up to pee and my water broke in the toilet! I was in shock but I knew for sure that was what it was. Every time I moved an inch more water came GUSHING out and I was panicked because I didn't want to get off the toilet and get water everywhere. I grabbed a towel from the towel rack next to me and shoved it between my legs and waddled to the bedroom to wake DH. At the hospital, I had to be put on pitocin because I wasn't contracting and the nurses brought me a little birthday cake It was too cute! My contractions started to get a bit uncomfy at about 2cm so I got my epidural and felt NO pain the rest of the time. I was SO tired from getting only three hours of sleep, so I slept most of the day. The nurse checked me and I was at 2cm, and about 30 mins later she came to check me again and I was at 10cm! We started doing "practice pushes" and that's when I pooped on the table! But this wasn't like...poop and it's whisked away like people tell you. The poop came out really gradually so it was just (TMI warning) a turd laying there on the table, halfway hanging out of my butt! The nurse covered it up and DH swears he never saw it, but I still don't believe him LOL. Anyway, DS was born 7/23/2008, my 24th birthday....he came almost two weeks early, and he came on his own! I love's like he chose to be my birthday gift
    Noel (25) DH Johnny (31) DS born 7/23/2008 DS2 EDD 11/17/2010
    jlc78 responded:
    Since it's the 1 year board, I'll just tell DD's.

    My EDD was 9/19. My water broke before contractions started with DS so I had no idea what to expect for DD. I seriously wondered if I would know when I was in labor. On the 17th, I woke up to what I thought was my water breaking. But after laying down for about 30 minutes, I realized I had just peed myself. At around 4pm, DS took a nice fall on the concrete which left him with a serious red knot on his head. I jokingly thought to myself that it must be a sign that labor was near. All I could think of was our first picture as a family of 4 and DS would have a bruise. About an hour after his fall I thought the BHC's were getting to be a little bit more regular so I decided to take DS for a walk around the block. My neighbor joined us and by 6:15, we were certain that they were the start of real contractions. They were coming every 5-7 minutes apart but not all that painful so I didn't see the need to go to the hospital yet. Everyone else thought otherwise, including my doctor. We got to the hospital at around 7:30. I was laughing and joking the whole way there. No pain at all. In the parking lot I even tried to conovince DH to leave my bags in the car because I was certain that they were going to send us home. I was 4cm's when they checked me and at 9pm the decided to admit me since it was my 2nd baby. I literally laughed and joked around with DH and my step-mom the entire night. No pain what-so-ever. Until midnight. That's when the pain of the contractions quickly escalated. The resident doctor checked me at 12:07am and I was 6cm dilated and 90 effaced. I had wanted to go without any pain meds but when I found out I was only 6, I thought there was no way I was going to last another 4cm AND push so I asked for an epi. No sooner did the doctor leave the room and I felt the contraction of my life. I remember screaming for the nurse that IT WAS TIME and I climbed up the side of the bed as I tried not to push. The nurse came running in and assured me the anesthesiologist would be there. All I could say to her was, "Pressure! Pressure!" She quickly got the resident doctor back in the room to check me. I heard him say to her in a panicked voice, "Call her doctor. It's time." The next thing I knew my water exploded everywhere. And out popped DD's head. It was 12:16am. Just 9 minutes after I had been checked at 6cm. And 9 minutes later is when the anesthesiologist arrived! So I got my drug-free birth! Looking back, it's a good thing I listened to everyone and went to the hospital. If I had waited for painful contractions to start then I would have delivered her in the car, lol!
    Me (31) DH (32) and our 2 beautiful babes DS (6/07) and DD (9/08)
    mamatobe08 replied to jlc78's response:
    Um omg Jamie, you officially have me freaked out for this 2nd kid thing now!

    DB worked out of town at this time, so he would leave Sunday afternoon and get home Friday evening--my mom was my helper. When I was just barely 37 weeks, I was having contractions regularly. I remember it was a Wednesday. At night, they started getting more intense, so I went to my mom's house to spend the night, because she lived close to the hospital and if the contractions got tough I didn't want her to have to drive 20 minutes to get me then 20 minutes back to the hospital. She went to bed because she had to work in the morning. About 3am I woke her up and we went to the hospital. They checked and I was 4cm, so they had me walk for an hour then checked again. I was 5cm so they admitted me. I waited until 6am(when DB would be getting up for work) and told DB to head home. At 11am, when DB was about 30 minutes away, they checked and I wasn't progressing. They sent me home, expecting me to be back that night. Nothing happened so on Sunday DB went back to work.

    2 weeks later, I woke up on a Tuesday morning. I went to the bathroom, and as I was standing up, I felt a WHOOSH! I thought maybe I imagined it, so I kinda stood there for a minute, and it kept coming out. I called DB right away, it was nice to know FOR SURE that he could drive home and not have it be a waste. I didn't end up going to the hospital for a few more hours, the contractions were weak--it was election day, so my mom came over, we walked to my apartment office to pay rent, went to BK for breakfast, then went to the polls so she could vote! HA! I had done an absentee ballot the week before just in case. DB called me as I was pulling into the parking lot to say he was 10 minutes away.

    I ended up having to get Pitocin because my contractions were still weak after 5 hours from my water breaking. I got the epidural as soon as I had a "painful" contraction. We had a mirror so I could watch, DB stood at my head but I caught him watching too. Most amazing thing to see! I had told him afterwards that I thought I saw them cleaning up my poop, but I couldn't feel anything so I didn't know if that's what I saw. He said he didn't know. Just this past week he decided to start teasing me about pooping lol. I guess he was trying to avoid an emotional post partum mommy haha.

    DS was born at 10:04pm at 9 pounds 12 ounces and 22.5 inches long. 14.5 hours after my water broke, not too bad!
    linzuh04 responded:
    At my 35 week appointment I joked that I thought my water had broken. At my 36 week appointment I go in and I'm measuring small. I laugh it off saying, I told you last week I thought my water had broken, and my Dr was serious. So I played it off again saying "Yeah...I have only gained about half as much weight as I did with DD" and she looks at me again like "Um no" and says "You measured right on last week." that was 10am.

    Ok...Time to start freaking out.

    She calls my perinatologist and gets me in for an u/s. He's running 3 HOURS LATE! I sit in the office for 2.5 hours. They get me in for an u/s. The nurse looks nervous and starts shaking her head. Calls the Peri in. The Peri puts that u/s on me and says "He's coming out have next to no fluid"

    Totally didnt register, but I asked what they think he'll weigh and they tell me 5b 13 oz, and they tell me to go to the hospital immediately.

    I go home, pack my bag, sit on the computer and chat with some of yall, and around 630 decide it's time to go to the hospital...LOL. Get everything in the car and DH drives through Houston rush hour traffic to downtown Houston. 7pm I walk in and they say "We've been waiting on you!" HAHA yeah I know.

    They get me all hooked up, check out my contractions and see they are coming every 1-2 mins, but I have an irritable uterus and PTL so I was having contrax from 8 weeks. They get my bloodwork, and get everything ready for c/s #2. Got the Epi in. Gave me the meds, asked if I could still feel it.....YES!! dont cut!!!.

    Can you feel it now? (more meds). YESSS!!!! WAIIIIIT!!

    After the 3rd dose of meds I was finally numb and away they went. I could smell my skin burning and feel all of the tugging. I wait....and wait....and wait....and hear nothing. I askk waht's going on, and they say there's alot of scar tissue from c/s #1. Ok...wait and wait and feel them pull him out on 11/3 at 11:04 DS was born. He was silent. They took him off before I heard him cry, but his apgars were 9/9. We had to stay an extra day because they were growing cultures to make sure he didnt have an infection because my water broke so early, but recovery was a BREEZE!
    Silver623 responded:
    Fun! Possible TRIGGS and TMI warning.

    With DS I was on bed rest because I had placenta previa and already had 2 pretty bad bleeds. The first one was on my birthday (6/23) and my due date was (9/25) so that scared the crap out of me and the doctors so I was put on bed rest. 2nd bleed was 8/22 and they wanted to keep me in the hospital until the baby came but I said no way. They let me go home 2 days later and we scheduled a c-section for 9/6. The morning of 9/2 I got up to pee at 5:30 AM and started gushing blood. It was so bad I almost passed out and really have a fuzzy memory about getting to the hospital. Anyway we went in through the ER and DH got me a wheelchair and up to L&D we went. The dr. on call, who was not my dr. because my dr. had gone away for the weekend to take his son to college, ended up being called to another delivery right before mine so they kept giving me shots to slow the contractions since the contractions were making me bleed more. Finally about 8:30 the dr. arrived and they quickly did the c/s. DS did not make a sound when he came out and they immediately ran away with him and I was terrified! He took in fluid during delivery and had a few other minor issues so he spent a week in the NICU. Never know it now, he is so healthy and smart!! :)

    Okay so with DD it was much less stressful on me but it was an eventful day for the hospital. She was a planned c/s since I knew I wanted to have my tubes tied. Her due date was 4/12 so we scheduled it for 4/3. The day came and we went to the hospital as planned and went into surgery right as scheduled. I think they did not wait long enough to make sure the drugs kicked in because I felt A LOT. Well while DD was being born there was a shooting at the Civic Center in Binghamton and all the victims were being brought to the hospital we were at and they cancelled all scheduled surgeries for the rest of the day! Anyway, DD came out screaming and beautiful. The recovery from the 2nd c/s was much worse and I was in horrible pain for days. They claim it was from the tubal but I think it's because the dr. didn't wait long enough but I guess if he did, maybe my DD wouldn't have been able to be born that day!
    jlynnpaine responded:
    My EDD was 4/15. Around 1 a.m. on 4/23 I got up because I couldn't sleep. Sat in my office and edited some photos for a couple of hours and when I stood up to go back to bed, I felt a small trickle and suspected that it might have been my water. But nothing else came of it so I went back to bed and got up and sent DH off to work in the morning. I got ready for work and called my doctor before heading in just to see if he thought I should go get checked at a local office (my doctor is an hour away from my house.) Since I was so far overdue, he said to head to L&D. So I called DH and told him to come back home and we were headed to the hospital. Called my Mom and told her to get ready to go as well. I really figured it was nothing, I didn't think she was EVER going to come.
    So we got to the hospital, they tested the fluid and it was my water so they said I'd be staying. They put me on pitocin since I still wasn't having contractions. The continued to up the dose all day long with little progress. I had horrible back pain so I spent the majority of the day standing because it was the only thing that didn't hurt as bad. Every time they tried to get me to lay down or change positions, they would lose DD's heart beat. Finally at about 1 a.m. on the 24th both DD and I were starting to show distress. Her heartrate was going crazy and I was developing a fever. My doctor said that I'd gotten an infection from my water being broken for so long and that we needed to do a c-section since I still hadn't progressed. At that point I didn't care, I just wanted DD to be okay.
    So they prepped me for the c-section, gave me the spinal and got her out. Then the complications started. He cut the placenta when he was doing the c-section so I lost a ton of blood. We both had to be on antibiotics for the infection so she had to have an iv and that was awful. They had to redo it once because it was starting to leak. Luckily the second one help up through the last few days so that they didn't have to put one in her head. I continued to lose massive amounts of blood and nearly had to have a transfusion. We finally got to go home on April 28th, 6 days after being admitted. Luckily she has been healthy ever since and I recovered well from the c-section once they got the hemorraging under control.
    Silver623 replied to jlynnpaine's response:
    I also almost needed a transfusion and DS had to have an IV in his head. It was awful! Thank God they are so healthy and happy now!! :)
    jlynnpaine replied to Silver623's response:
    Oh man, I'm so sorry! My little cousin was very premature and had to have an iv in his head too. That was 2 months before I had DD so I was really stressed about it happening to her too. We are very lucky they're so healthy now.
    sarahann1978 responded:
    Fun post, I love reading the stories. I am going to cut and paste from my babysite, so that is why it is in third person:

    Mom, Dad and Grandma Doris went to Page on Wednesday, January 21 for a checkup and post due date ultrasound to check on baby. We have seen Dr. Thrall for all of our pre-natal care, but she was on vacation for the week, so we had to see Dr. Foley instead. At 11:00am was the ultrasound. It was very exciting to see the baby again after 21 weeks since the last ultrasound. The technician was concerned though because when he watched baby's diaphragm it was not making practice breathing motions so he called Dr. Foley. After the ultrasound we were immediately sent to the Labor and Delivery area of the hospital to receive a non-stress test. Dr. Foley came by to meet us and check on the test results, and was very concerned that baby was becoming fatigued in the womb and needed to come out ASAP. He had Mom admitted and ordered the induction medicine.

    Mom took the first induction medicine, cytotec, at 2:50 pm and mild contractions were started. By about 10:30 pm that night Dr. Foley checked and there was still very little dilation/effacement so he ordered Pitocin through the IV. The strong contractions got fired up and we were hopeful to deliver soon. By about midnight Dr. Foley ordered another ultrasound to check the umbilical cord suspecting that it may have either dropped below the baby or wrapped around the neck. The ultrasound showed that the cord was not below baby, but could not confirm that it was not wrapped around the neck, so Dr. Foley decided to stop the pitocin for the night and see how things went on their own. Mom continued to have stronger contractions yet and baby moved back into the pelvis, but by morning she was still only about 2 cm dilated.

    Mom was in a lot of pain by now, and another round of pitocin was on the way so we went ahead and got an epidural. Then we started the pitocin again at 7:30am. When Dr. Foley checked Mom again around 9:00 the heartbeat was showing distress so he inserted an electrode monitor into baby's forehead. Then came the moment of truth that baby was in distress and Mom was still only 4 cm dilated and 90% effaced. We had to resort to C-section so they took Mom off to the OR and Dad got dressed in surgical scrubs. By 11:08am little Austin came out screaming and was very healthy. Dad went to bond with Austin while they put Mom back together. When Mom was finally able to reunite with the family Austin was able to latch on right away and we have all been deeply in love with our new boy ever since.
    Sarah (31), DH(29), DS (Jan. 09)
    almostthere2317 responded:
    I only have DD but I love these things and I never got to post my birth story for DD after I had her plus some wacky stuff happened with me too so here goes :)

    DH and I had been frantically working on our house. (we gutted and redid the inside floor to ceiling about 6 months before DD was due) Anyway we were down to finishing touches. I was due March 21, 2009 and the doctor kept telling me at every appointment I hadn't dropped or anything so just take things as they went. On Thursday before I had DD I was painting the bathroom and felt kinda funny but it went away so I didn't worry about it. Well the weekend came and I was cleaning the bathroom and DH and I went to the grocery store and I was having a ton of what I thought were just Braxton Hicks contractions since it was the 12th and I felt ok and I was due to see the doctor the 14th I figured I had just overdone it between painting and all of the cleaning. That night I woke up around 4am with horrible acid reflux and ended up throwing up and and hour later I had to go to the bathroom..thinking I just had diarreah. Well I did but then came a bit of pinkish discharge. I went back to bed and felt horrible cramping and more of the discharge but it was turning a deeper red and then came the contractions.. At 7:30 we were timing contractions and I was having them every 5 minutes. We headed to the hospital. They got me into a room and checked me and I was already at 5cm. (this is where it gets yucky) During our birthing classes the instructor said to make sure we ate something because L&D could be a long time and I would burn a lot of calories.. Oh what a mistake. I had eaten a bowl of cereal and drank some orange juice.

    While the nurse was checking everything and asking me the initial questions I proceeded to throw up everywhere. All over her all over the floor and I couldn't stop. I finally did and they got me in my room. By then I was at 10cm my doctor wasn't on call at that time so a doctor I didn't know delivered my daughter. He was super nice thankfully and at that point I just wanted to see my baby. They had to break my water and there was some concern because DD had gone to the bathroom so there was the meconium so respiratory had to be on stand by when she was delivered to check her lungs.
    That was the only real scare.

    So basically at 5:30am I went into hard labor and at 10:08am on March 16, 2009 I had my beautiful baby girl 7lbs 3oz.
    My mom still gives me a hard time about it because she was in labor for 24 hours with me and my sister both.

    I asked DH if I had went to the bathroom on the table and to this day he won't tell me. He knew I was freaked out about it!

    This has perked me up. Thanks ladies! I've been feeling really down since I m/c in April.
    cheeezie25 responded:
    Ya, I only have one LO, but since I never got a chance to post the "full length" version of my birth story, here ya go lol...

    On Monday, I had my 33 week check-up at the OBGYN around 9:30am. My doctor did an u/s... DS was measuring at about 5 1/2lbs (big boy!), and although my doc noted that I seemed to have a smidge more amniotic fluid than average, he thought everything looked great!

    As I was walking up to the train with DH to go to work, I kind of started feeling icky, and by the time I got to work I was feeling really sick, like I ate something weird (even though I didn't eat anything weird, or at least out of the ordinary). I ended up leaving work around noon to take the train to my mom's house (DH was at work by that point, and my mom offered to pick me up!). I ended up trying to sleep it off for a few hours over her house, but nothing I did made me feel any better, and all I could manage to choke down that day were a few pretzels and some water. I finally called my OB around dinner time as my mom drove me home (I felt good enough to get in the car, even though I still felt like crap). The stupid doc they had on call didn't call me back for nearly three hours (maybe around 9pm), and he pretty much dismissed my complaints and said I should just drink some Gatorade and go to bed. I actually did feel a little better after that, so around 11pm I went to bed and actually slept for almost 4 1/2 hours in a row (which was actually a good thing at that point for me lol)!

    Around 3:30am, I woke up and thought I had peed myself (something I can't say I never did before while pregnant :-O ), so I went to the bathroom to check out the situation. I seemed fine, so I went back to sleep. About 5 minutes later, I had the sensation again so I went to the bathroom again. I didn't pee myself, but my water broke and I was leaking ALL over the floor, it was terrifying! I read all the books (and came on WebMD constantly) so I knew what that meant... baby was coming... NOW! I was like half in tears and started screaming for DH. I was like "Chris, Chris, wake up! My water broke!" He got up and came to the bathroom and was like "Ugh, you broke the water? It's 3:30am and I have to fix the toilet." "uh, no! MY water broke.. we are having the baby... NOW!" I called the hossy back and got the same stupid on call doc whoe told me to come immediately to the hospital this time, which was obvious to me, just needed to give them the heads up.

    Anyway, I tossed a few things in a bag, and we left our house at about 3:45am and arrived to the hospital at 4:30am (thank god this happened in the middle of the night, or we could have been sitting in traffic for hours). I started having contractions in the car, and by the time I checked into the hospital, they were like 60-90 seconds apart, so I knew I was in labor and it was going quick! The stupid nurse that came to check on me when I first got there acted like we had all the time in the world though, because according to the "machine," I was only contracting once every 5 minutes. I was like no, I want a doctor in here to check my cervix immediately! The doctor, I think resident, came in to check me, and she was like "You are effaced, but not dialated... uh 1cm.. you are 3cms dialated. We are sending you into L&D." Yikes!

    Meanwhile, I was severely dehydrated from not being able to eat or drink all day. I will also try to limit the TMI, but lets just say there were all kinds of bodily fluids flying all over the place. Whoever says giving birth is a beautiful has obviously never seen me in labor because it was probably the most disgusting display I ever witnessed LOL. I literally felt like I was dying until FINALLY the anesthesiologist arrived to give me my epi... THEN things were smooth sailing...except for being super worried about LO, but that is another story... That happened around 8:30 or so, I started pushing at 9am, and at 9:27 little man was born!
    simerlm responded:
    What a great idea! I love to read birth stories! TRIGGS The story of my one year old's birth is a preemie story.

    It all started on the Wednesday before she was born. I was waiting all day for her to move. I hadn't felt her move since the night before. This pregnancy was different from my first two. She never moved as much, but this was the longest I had ever gone without feeling her. I was not quite 30 weeks. So, I called a nurse at my OB's and she had me come in to get checked out. They did all the usual things: urine and bp. The nurse looked stressed and told me to lay on my left side. That was weird because they had never done that before. The doctor came in and told me that I had high bp and they had found protein in my urine. He seemed confused because these were the symptoms of pre-eclampsia and since I didn't have pre-e with my first two pregnancies, I shouldn't develop it with my third. He decided that maybe my symptoms came from being worried about not feeling movement. He used the doppler and her heartbeat was fine. She actually kicked it. Little stinker. Before he left the room, he said that if I developed a headache over the weekend, then I should go to L&D to be checked out.

    Fast forward to Friday. I still felt like something was off with her movements and I woke up with a headache. I waited it out most of the day because I wasn't sure that what I was feeling was something to be concerned about or normal preggers headaches, which I had. I called the on call doc and he had me come in. My bp was 220/180 and I had 4 protein in my urine which is the most. He told me I would have to be transported by ambulance to a hospital an hour away and would give birth in a couple of days. I was now 31 weeks and scared to death.

    I made calls to get my other two children taken care of and tried to reassure them that everything was going to be okay. Off I went. As soon as I arrived at the new hospital, I knew it was more serious than I had thought. I was no longer allowed to get up to use the bathroom. They inserted a catheter. I had iv fluids going. They gave me a steroid shot to mature her lungs. The plan was to wait 12 hours, give me another shot and then deliver. So, it was already down to one day until birth. Then 1/2 an hour after the first steroid shot, the doctor came in and said that her heart rate kept dropping and we couldn't even induce anymore. I had to have a c-section now. So, seven hours after I went in to my local hospital, I gave birth to my tiny baby girl. Alyssa Grace entered the world on 2:03 am on Aug. 9, 2008. She made one tiny sound like a mouse and that was all I heard. I didn't even get to see her until hours later. She was 2 lbs. 8.5 oz and 13 3/4 inches long. Her apgars were 6 and 9! Surprisingly good!

    During the section, the doctors discussed their golf game, which I found odd, being the person who was laying on the operating table. I just kept thinking, "Aren't you supposed to be thinking about something else, like the baby you are delivering?" I never felt a thing. Not a tug, no pressure, nothing. I got the shakes really bad though, even before they started the procedure.

    Aly was on cpap for a day or two and then on oxygen for about a month. She needed and iv and a feeding tube, heart monitor and a bili light. She stayed in the hospital for 5 weeks. Now, she is still small, but she is doing amazing!!

    Thanks for letting me tell my story. I never got a chance to tell the whole thing in its entirety. I'm sorry if this upset anyone, but it was nice for me to tell Aly's story. :)
    Prayin_4_AN_angel responded:
    I only have my DS but i thought I would post anyways.

    I was barely 25 wks preggo when I noticed some light pink blood after I went to the bathroom. I really thought it was nothing so I waited a few hours before I mentioned it to my mom and even after I told her she said more than likely it was nothing and I already had a dr. appt. the next day so I went to bed. I got up the next day and headed to school where i had to carry around a backpack that was atleast 30 lbs and i had to go up and down stairs between every class. After school I met my mom at the dr expecting a good report. He checked my weight and listened to the dopler and everything was fine until I mentioned the blood. He decided to check me just to be safe and as soon as he did I knew something wasnt right. He said I was at 1 1/2 cm and that I was in preterm labor and I had a long road ahead of me and sent me straight to the hospital. I had an u/s once I got there and my water was bulging and they called it hourglassed. Needless to say I was in the hospital almost a week when they decided to let me go home.

    I got to stay at home all of 2 days( The 1st day I went to the dr. for what I thought was contractions the 2nd day more blood) so I got to go back to the hospital. At this point they were saying I was 3-4cm now at 26 wks. They were giving me meds to stop the contractions and everything kind of held off i was in and out of LD almost every day. That lasted about a week then on Oct. 2 I literally spent an hour on a bed pan for the worst poop of my life. Around 1 am on the 3rd we realized the nurse had forgotten to give me my medication to stop the contractions and it all went down hill from that.

    The dr. (who was 30 wks pregnant) came in to check me when my contractions began picking up. She said I wasnt really dialated but suggested I get and epi. just to help slow down the labor. About 5 mins. later I sign for the epi. and i look at my mom and say I need to push NOW and my mom told me to calm down and dont push. Then I felt what i thought was his head come out and i made my mom look. She went running out of the room yelling for nurses. The NICU staff was there in what seemed like 5 seconds the dr. broke my water and said push and before i got halfway thru the push my LO was out and rushed away. He was 2 lbs 7 oz. 14.5 in long. He had a breathing tube for a day then cpap for a few days then just the nasal prongs. He had a PIC line put in for most of his stay and was somewhat touch and go for the first few weeks. He had a feeding tube and was fed over a 2 hour period due to bad reflux. He stayed in the NICU for almost 8 weeks and came home a little over 4 lbs. He had to have an apnea moniter for 6 months at home and was on high calorie formula until he was 6 mths.

    Needless to say it was the scariest experience ever especially only being 17 and clueless. He was 13 weeks early but he is for sure a fighter. Now you would never know he was so small at 20 mths. he is 30 lbs and 34 in tall.
    Prayin_4_AN_angel replied to Prayin_4_AN_angel's response:
    I forgot to mention the best parts.
    1. They let a newly graduated nurse do my cathater (spelling?) i guess she didnt learn right because it was either not taped right or not put in right because it moved when I moved and it was extremely painful.
    2. I had a nurse that look and acted strikingly close to Dr. Cox of of the show Scrubs. I hated her the first time I had her but then I found the humor.
    3. The part where i was on COMPLETE bed rest and they would bring my breakfast tray in my room and sit it on the other side while my mom was asleep on the couch 5 steps away.
    4. My dr. with the chest hair that came over the V in his scrubs.
    5. (this was a kicker) As the drs were giving me an u/s the day before DS was born they told a true story about delivering a baby. The actually placed a bet on what color (no offence to anyone) the baby would be. When the dr. delivered the baby he accidently dropped it in the bucket where they throw away the placenta. Which was not reassuring at all.

    I could go on and on since technically my labor lasted 2 weeks but I think that about it on the interesting part.
    eliguns841984 replied to Prayin_4_AN_angel's response:
    oh, the part about being a second time mommy when I requested the stories was just for the girls on the pregnancy board! Of course everyone on this board has a birth story/adoption story or something-I guess I should have changed that part! Thanks for sharing your story :)
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