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    Whole milk and hard poops.
    americas_girl87 posted:
    Is it normal for a 1 year old to have hard ball/pelet like poops after starting them on whole milk?
    elegi23 responded:
    My DD didn't become constipated, but she was a boob milk baby, so she always kinda had runny stools. So, I did notice that when we started her on whole milk, and more solid food (when we took away day BM) her stools became more solid. Is your LO struggling to poop? Do you notice any physical discomfort? We give DD juice and if she gets a little constipated, or seems to struggle to poop it will help within 24 hrs.

    If you are concerned, you may want to contact your LO's dr office... they will give you more information. Especially if you notice anything else different, it could be an allergy. I am thinking with dairy though, a lactose intolerance is more runnier stools than constipation, but don't quote me on that.

    Good Luck! :-)
    Me (22), DH(30) DD Eleora Marylin 07/23/09 TTC2 (since 05/10)
    americas_girl87 replied to elegi23's response:
    well its been like this for awile. though it started out to be as soft as playdough. it stated to get a bit harder after time. she some times has a hard time pooping thim out but not that offen. only 2 or 3 times in the last month has she had a hard time pooping thim out. she also poops as much as once a day. she never gose no more thin 3 days with out a poop and thats been 2 or 3 times in the last month too. so i dont know. ther pellet like now and arent mooshy at all. they are no bigger thin a nickle size around. so yeah. im not realy sher if she's constipated or not. there hard but freequent. so yeah.

    QTpie2009 replied to americas_girl87's response:
    Yep, after we started DS on whole milk he got the little pellet poop. He usually had runny poop before that when he was on formula. I try to make sure he's getting enough fiber and also to keep him regular I will give him juice.
    Me(27), DH(30), DS Kayden Riley born 06/09/09.
    americas_girl87 replied to QTpie2009's response:
    okay. thanks.
    gv215 responded:
    My LO still has hard BM's. Her doc insisted her taking maralax. We've been through 1 whole bottle and now on the 2nd bottle. They say it should help with her BM's but it seems as though she has to depend on maralax, which the doc said maralax isn't a med where she'll have to depend on it to have soft stool. I've switched her to 2% milk since she's had hard BM's and sometimes I give her whole milk, but with 2% she still has a hard time going. I know it's frustrating seeing your LO struggle to go. It's painful. When my LO is all cringed up, legs stiffed, and in pain, I quickly take her to the potty and have or make her relax and hold her over the toilet, (so she's v-shaped) to make her go... b/c the BM that she has are big and hard so that's how I help her with pooping, otherwise I continue using Maralax....
    JamisonJean replied to gv215's response:
    Hi I was just reading ur post, ( I was looking why my little girl is having hard BM's ) anyways my friend had the same problem as u did with ur little girl. Her doctor told her to use Maralax as well and he too became dependent on it to pooped. She found online to try soy milk she did and he never had a problem with his BM's again. He was allergic to cows milk. He can have it in food but not in big bottles. Well I couldn't sleep tonight if I didn't share that .....I hope her problem has gone away since u posted but if not maybe this could help. Good luck :)
    Emma_WebMD_Staff responded:
    HI Americas_girl,

    This is very common, if she seems to struggle though you may want to talk to her doctor. Looks like you got a lot of great advice though already. Let us know how things go.

    Take care,
    americas_girl87 replied to Emma_WebMD_Staff's response:
    thanks every one. i forgot that i even posted this. when i did post this she didnt have a hard time pooping. but since thin a month or two ago twice she had a hard time pooping. other thin that its still the same old pelet like poops. but yeah. i cant remember if it was my mom or her doc that told me to give her more water to drink. the problem now is to get her to drink the water. but she dont seem to have any problems. so im not worried any more. she has a 3 month old little brother now. so my conserns are a bit streched at the moment.

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