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    Getting away from the bottle
    cah91410 posted:
    Hi! My DD is 13 months old and she still has a bottle in the am and in the pm. one when she gets up and one before bed. she is taking whole milk, no more formula, but we can't seem to fighue out how to transition away from the bottle. we have tried many many sippy cups with milk in them, but she won't drink the milk out of them. Now, during the day, she takes a sippy cup with water or jucie, whatever the case may be, but not milk for her bottle times. HOW CAN WE DO THIS?? she just seems so attached, and my DH and I are stressing. She does not take a binki or have any other security things, so what can we do??
    kelsiehinds responded:
    Hi, my son was almost the same way except he needed one for nap time and bedtime. We stopped cold turkey he cried for the first couple of days because he expected it. People told me it would take about 2 weeks for him to get use to it without crying and im glad it didnt. I felt so bad just letting him cry if it lasted longer than 20 min i would go in there and hold him, that seemed to calm him down and he was fine after i left his room. [my son was also 20 months before we took the bottle away, when my daughter was born he saw that she was getting the bottle, so we waited a couple months to take it away> but it depends on your child it might take a couple days or longer. Cold turkey worked best for us:)
    cah91410 replied to kelsiehinds's response:
    thank you kelsie. yeah we have thought maybe for another month or so giving it to her, then like you said just taking it away all together. but see i have never been able to just put her in the crib and cry herself to sleep, so we just give her a bottle before she goes to bed. she never takes one to bed with her. so for her to cry without the bottle, she will just have to get tired enough and i can rock her to sleep. but thank you for you help!
    sarah0323 responded:
    I've done cold turkey and I've also done where they can have the bottle but it only has water in it. It really depends on the LO and there personality on how long it will take.

    I know I will probably be the odd man out when I say this but other than the recommendations is there a reason why you want to take the bottle away? I know every family is different so no judging please. Emily will probably be closer to 2 before I take the bottle away. My Dr. knows this and is ok with it. They aren't allowed to walk around with it and they only get 2 bottles a day. Nap and bed time. My LO's don't have a binki either. I figure if that is there one security item then I am ok with it. We also brush teeth before bed time. When I get ready to take the bottle away I start be decreasing the amount of milk in the bottle. When I am down to about 2 ounces then I start putting milk in a cup and then water in the bottle. Normally they will start taking the cup and forget about the bottle. For me it is easier to take it away when they are a little older. Every family is different and you have to do what works for you.
    Me (33), SO (33), DD1 (12YO), DS1 (7YO), DS2 (6 YO), DS3 (4YO), DD2 11/2010.
    orin34 replied to sarah0323's response:
    I have known kids that still have bottles up until their second birthday. Interestingly enough, they cited the same explanation that you did! They tried taking the bottle away at an earlier age, but because the bottle was their "comfort/soother" it was really difficult and the child just didn't understand. SO.... the parents took it away at a later age when they would 'understand' more that bottles were for babies and get them excited to be a big kid . They also took the child out to get a NEW soother toy/stuffed animal in honor of the new big kid status.
    cah91410 replied to orin34's response:
    no, there is no reason i want to take it away, I guess just so it's not harder later but, as for me and my DH, we are ok with letting her have a bottle 2 times a day. like i said she drinks fine from a sippy cup during the with the bottle being her comfort, i say whatever makes her feel good.i have not tried just to put water in the bottle, but i will try that soon, but i am just glad she is done with formula and just on whole milk. i thought that would be hard too, but she did really well with it. I know I worry too much about things that aren't really that big of deal. But she is our first child and I guess we just want to do what the DR says, even though all kids are different. I just want to do the best thing for her, and hope it all works out eventually. Like I know the sleeping habits will always alter, but she still dosn't sleep all though the night. She will wake up, and we do put her in bed with us every so often...but again, my husband and I, that is ok for us. I just wana make sure I am doing whats best for her....thanks for everyones input, hope to keep chatting soon!!
    Ihgirl1066 replied to cah91410's response:
    My son just turned 18 months and still needs his baba for naps and bedtime. He is very hyper and its the only way he relaxes to go to sleep. I was hoping we would be done with the bottle by now, but i cant stand listening to my nany cry it breaks my heart, so he gets to keep it yet. But what we have been doing is putting in an ounce less every week and hopin to ween him.

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