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    Personal Question
    orin34 posted:
    This is a tad personal so don't feel obligated to answer and WARNING there is a little TMI.
    Back Story: Since I gave birth 17 months ago my monthly flow has been a little different. The blood itself seems to have a different consistency. There are little clots now (there were none before) and it seems almost "slimy". I have already been to my OB and there is nothing wrong with me medically.... it's just that the change is REALLY inconvenient. I used to wear tampons only, and now the blood seems to not soak in at all .... tampons have NO effect and the flow seems to just go around. I have been wearing pads since my son was born, but I am allergic to adhesive and the adhesive on the pads makes me break out in a rash down there (not fun).
    I have thought about the cloth reusable pads but I really hate the idea of having anything akin to a diaper strapped to my nethers.
    I found this thing called the Diva Cup online and the thought of not having to deal with any waste or skin rash or diaper is rather appealing.
    My questions:
    Has anyone else had their flow change since having a baby?
    Has anyone used the Diva cup before?
    fiannakyn responded:
    I personaly can't use the Diva Cup due to muscle control issues cause I have cerebral Palsy but everyone I know that used them loved them. It takes some practice I hear though.

    and I have never been pregnant, but I know my period changed about when I was in my late 20s and ever sense, have been how you described it. extra mucusy with some clotting. When I asked my doc he said that was normal. I find that Tampex brand ONLY will absorb most of my flow. I still have to change them every 2-3 hrs the first day or 2 of the period. I also have sensitivity to adhesives and plastics so I totally understand the pad issue!! I found that the Stayfree panty liners doen't irritate me so I always double them with the tampon for accidents.
    Vicky(34), DH(34), DFS(16m) possablily adopting!, DS due Christmas Day, by private adoption.
    orin34 replied to fiannakyn's response:
    Yeah I tried tampax... that was my "go to" brand. Even those won't work. And I use stayfree as well and still have a reaction. You should have seen me in the hospital when I was having my son, It was fathers day so the nurse shifts were nuts.... I had seven nurses or so (and I left the hospital early. Arrive Son born Sun 1:09AM and left Mon 9AM)... Even though it was CLEARLY on my chart and whiteboard that I am allergic to adhesive... they STILL kept trying to put band aids or whatnot on me.
    My allergy isn't "severe", but it is still pretty bad. My skin more or less blisters where ever the adhesive touches and then it spreads out and oozes. And then when you go to remove the bandaid or what not.... it ends up ripping off a whole bunch of layers of skin.
    fiannakyn replied to orin34's response:
    Ick! I just get itchy and red. Some of the tapes they use in the hospital do worse damage to me though.
    and thats neet you had your son on father's day

    I say it can't hurt to try the Diva Keep an eye on or (both daily deal sites) they both occationally have Divas on their specials.
    Vicky(34), DH(34), DFS(16m) possablily adopting!, DS due Christmas Day, by private adoption.
    orin34 replied to fiannakyn's response:
    I haven't always been THIS allergic, it has gotten worse and worse over time. I used to just get the itchy redness when I was a kid....... but then as I grew up so did the allergy.
    I first saw the Diva on babysteals! That is what got me interested in it in the first place, but they were all gone
    I got one for a reasonable price after I used a coupon elsewhere... I will be using it this upcoming AF. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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