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    Sick Girl.....
    BabyDems posted:
    So my daughter had a yeast infection for the first time about two weeks ago. We went through the cream that the doc. gave us and it looked like it was all cleared up. now it came back and on top of it, she has diarreaha so bad that I have to pour it out of her diaper into the toilet (it's consistancy is tomato soupy) other that these last two weeks, she is normally really health and hasn't had any major colds. Is this just a normal "bug" or should I take her in to the doc? She has a well-baby check on thurday. I bought her some pedialite and popsicles so she doesn't get dehydrated, but she is my only child and I havent had to deal with this is really scary!
    BabyDems responded:
    oh....she is going to be 15 months & sorry about the tmi!
    RoseLynn02 responded:
    Is her yeast infection internal or external? My daughter had an external yeast infection & I had to put lotrimin (which is the same thing as what they prescribed her & $20 cheaper according to the pharmacist) on her for 2months. If it's external you have to continue treating it for 1-2wks after it goes away. You could always call the pharmacy & ask them if there is an over the counter version of her script. Pedialyte, Gatorade, & Powerade are all great options for diarrhea. Sometimes it takes a week or so to get them back on track. Does she have any other symptoms? Fever? Vomiting?Ect.? Is she lethargic? These are things to really watch for. If she is having those issues or if you can't clear up the diarrhea within 7 days on your own then you need to take her for sure, but if your concerned that's a good reason too. You're mommy & you know her better than anyone, trust your instincts...It usually turns out best that way. It is flu season after all. Don't worry about the details, they don't bug us. My kids have been there & so have most other peoples kids. We understand.

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