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    mlreisner posted:
    I just recently found out that i was pregnant. I went to the dr on the 30 and my levels were 32, then a week later they were 149. I havent had a period since around christmas, but did start bleeding around the 27 of jan. and only lasted 12 hrs. Im not sure if this was a period or implantation. No idea of how far I really am, and I go back on the 20th of feb to get my levels checked again. Is this a good sign? What should i be looking for as far as a number count? I am very confused. Thanks for your help
    mwhite80 responded:
    I just read your discussion and i found this over on the first trimester pregnancy board( I am pregnant with my third child due early Sept). . This link gives you info on what you hgc levels should be depending on how far along you are. You should check out the pregnancy boards alot of helpful ladies that can answer questions for you are there. Good luck and sticky baby vibes to you.
    mlreisner replied to mwhite80's response:
    thank you
    sarah0323 responded:
    Me (33), SO (33), DD1 (12YO), DS1 (7YO), DS2 (6 YO), DS3 (4YO), DD2 11/2010.
    blueeyebaby responded:
    How did your blood work go? From my experience, you were just 4 weeks preg with your first blood work. Then two days later they expect it to double and so on.
    mlreisner replied to blueeyebaby's response:
    the 30 of jan my number was 32
    the 6 of feb my number was 149
    the 18th i went to er for bleeding number was 850
    and the 20th at check up they went to 1200.

    they are going up, it is just so hard to figure out how far because i never really had my period in january. it only lasted 12 hours. but numbers are going up so that is a good thing
    mlreisner replied to blueeyebaby's response:
    my numbers at my first check up on jan 30 was a 32
    on feb 6 it was 149
    on feb 18 when i went to er for bleeding it was 850
    then at my check up on feb 20 it was 1200. I go back on the 7th of march for another draw. They are going up so that is a good sign, but still havent been told how far along. hopefully at the next appointment they see something in the ultrasound
    blueeyebaby replied to mlreisner's response:
    They are going up but I am not sure they are going up fast enough. Is your dr concerned with this? My dr want the numbers to at least double in a 48 hour period. With your dates, you may be about 8-9 weeks along and your number should be much higher by now. They need to be at least 12000 I think for an u/s to see anything and that usually happens around 6 weeks along. I don't want to scare you but with your numbers I am worried you may have a tubular pregnancy or something. Your numbers don't seem to be doing what they should. I am praying I am wrong and it is something else. Please keep me posted!!!
    mlreisner replied to blueeyebaby's response:
    Thank you for your help. they were worried and they tested my progesterone. Those numbers were low, so i have to take suppliments. I will let you know how the appointment goes tomorrow. thanks again
    mlreisner replied to blueeyebaby's response:
    so went to the dr yesterday and my numbers are in the 3000s. Still not doubling like they should but they are going up. Saw the baby and the heart beat, but the problem is that the baby is in the lower uterus almost by the cervix. Have to go back to the dr next wednesday for another ultrasound. It is very very touch and go. Have to see where placenta grows and how the baby grows. Fingers crossed. THank you for your help
    mlreisner replied to mlreisner's response:
    so since my last post my numbers started dropping. my dr prescribed me mistoprostal to help everything pass. went to the dr on the 26th to get my levels checked and they are at 1483. My worry is that i have stopped bleeding and cramping after taking the medication, and i was wondering can your HCG levels still go down if you are not passing anything. This miscarriage has been going on for three weeks with only 3 days of bleeding off and on, and i am totally stressed out. I have tried talking to my dr but all they want me to do is go back in on monday and get another blood draw. So frustrated i could scream
    yinka79 replied to mlreisner's response:
    Sorry for your loss. Yes your numbers will still decline after the bleeding stops. I had a miscarriage about two years ago and that happened to me.

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