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    Growing pains
    Anon_235460 posted:
    My son is 19.5 months old and is taller then his 22month and 23month old friends and is almost the hight of his 28month old friend. At his 18month check-up he was 95% for hight and still off the chart for weight(since birth). My husband's side of the family is tall.
    In the last 2 months he has had 4 growth spurts (and is acting like he is starting another growth spurt today) and complains of pain.
    I took him to the Ped yesterday for the pain and she said since there is no swelling that it just growing pains.

    So I'm wondering if I should be
    1)worried about the pain?
    2)worried about how much growing he is doing?
    3)treating the pain with OTC meds (against what the Ped said)?

    The whining, sleeping, and eating everything in the house is a little annoying, but that is fine as long I know he is healthy and happy.
    imbarber responded:
    You should stop worrying. OTC meds seem over the top and unnecessary.

    My 18-month old has been 99% for height and weight since he was born and is thriving just fine. My toddler whines, but it is when he is tired or hungry. Growing a lot requires lots of sleep (and food) so if he hasn't had enough, he's not a happy toddler.
    If he wakes up smiling and not crying, he's had enough sleep. 11 hours at night, 1.5 hours nap/day. I offer him food whenever. He eats more days than others. I don't worry about it. He tells me when he's full very clearly. I don't push it.
    Enjoy your healthy, thriving toddler!

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