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    Our child has a huge head
    Worriedparent11 posted:
    I am starting a discussion, yet its more of a question, one that probably cannot be answered.

    So our son, when he was born, had a 17.5 inch circumference head. Huge! All of his sonograms showed he had a huge noggin. The doctor never made a big deal of it. He just went in for his 1 year appointment and his head has grown to 19.5 inches at the 100th percentile. Now our doctor is referring us to a neurologist to make sure everything is ok. She never gave us any indicator as to what may be occurring or what she is even worried about, she even claimed she "wasn't worried at all" but you have to understand my worry, if you're not worried then why are you sending us at all?

    He crawls, he stands up, he sits, he babbles, he does everything a 12 month old "should" do. He has a vocabulary of about 4 right now and is otherwise a healthy child. He has met every milestone he has supposed to hit and he has not regressed in any skill that he has acquired. His fine motor skills seem to be improving as needed.

    I'm worried, I'm scared for my son, and we didn't get any answers. Big heads don't run in either family. Just one family member has a huge head but he had a cyst in his brain, but before they found it the damage had been done. There was developmental issues that led them to find it. So far we have seen none. His soft spot still dips as it should and it doesn't protrude the way they would expect if he had a tumor or some other growth in his brain.

    My wife cries since we have been referred, we have already lost one child due to a medical anomaly and its hard to stay positive with such a checkered past. Has anyone else dealt with this? And if so what was done and what was found? As I said I don't think this can be answered per se, only the neurologist will be able to do that but the thought of my son having to be sedated for a MRI seems too much to put him through when there doesn't appear to be any other conditions other than the fact that he has a gigantic melon.

    Also, he is not inconsolable, overly tired, sick, or any thing else that would indicate that there could be a problem with his health. As I said, other than the huge noggin he is a healthy 12 month old.

    I appreciate your responses and your remarks. Thank you for taking the time to read the really long article of a parent who worries for his child.
    armymom responded:
    Our son had to get checked too, he wasn't born with a big head but it was growing faster than normal for his age. I think he was around 7 months or so. He is almost 2 now. The dr said there could be swelling, excess fluid, etc. I was worried but prayed very hard. We had an ultrasound and everything was fine. He just went thru a growth spurt apparently just in his head.

    I understand your worries, and I will pray for you that everything is normal as well.

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