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    POLL: Marriage
    peachyisthelife posted:
    Seems like EVERYONE lives with their spouse before they get married, seems rare to find someone who didn't do that. So I'm just real curious, those of you that are married, did you live with your husband before the wedding? Move in soon before the wedding? Or didn't live together till after the wedding?
    amandagray responded:
    Call us old fashioned but I lived with Mom and Dad until the wedding.
    rus06005 responded:
    I'm so bored tonight, I'm glad someone posted a poll!!

    My husband and I both were virgins when we got married-- I guess we're a little old-fashioned in our morals, but I'm sincerely glad that it's that way! The first day we lived together was the day we were married-- some of my old friends from work would tease us about it, but for us-- it was a great thing!

    Fun poll!! I'm curious to see answers....
    jjlittle responded:
    Our intention was not to live together before we were married. We rented a house and DH lived there while I moved back to the town we live in and lived with my parents. I ended up moving in with DH in May and we were married the beginning of August. So, yes, we lived together a few months before we were married (already engaged and planning the wedding though).
    mamabrat05 responded:
    Well I got pregnant with DD while i had 2 months left my senior year of high school and ended up moving in with DH(then boyfriend) and his parents b/c there were some issue's at my house. I had DD Nov 25, 2005 and we got engaged Dec 2, 2005. I lived with him for nearly 4 years before we got married April 1, 2008. I was kinda happy that I lived with him for a while before we got married b/c i was able to see how he was you know. Like how he lived, slept and what not.

    Believe me I never planned to get preggo my senior year but stuff happens. Nor did i plan to move in with him before we got married but I did. I have been with my DH since my junior year of high school and we have gone through so much and changed so much...its just crazy to think of how long its been and how things change...
    tamliz08 responded:
    Well... We didn't move in together until after we were married, BUT we only knew each other for about 3 months before we got hitched so... yeah...
    HannahTMI responded:
    We didn't officially live together until after we were married. We lived in the dorms at college and he shacked in my single room (a suite with its own bathroom) nearly every night.
    jlcohen78 responded:
    I moved in with DH in my junior year of college --- we had been dating for 4 years prior to that. We got engaged a year later and then got married 2 1/2 years after that. DS came along 4 years after we got married.
    lenono97 responded:
    DH and I dated for 9 years before we got married. We bought a house several months before we got married but I did not move in until after the wedding. And yes, we were both virgins until we got married! I wouldn't change a thing!
    sarahgrl responded:
    I lived with my parents (and/or at college) until my wedding day. We moved my stuff over the week before the wedding and I was living out of a suitcase at my parents house till the wedding. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Plus, if we had lived together before hand I don't think I would have married him. I know that sounds horrible, but he's SO messy and such a slob (among other things) that I don't think I would have been able to stand it.
    mtlmayhem responded:
    Yep dh and I lived together for almost 5 years before getting married... Up here, common law marriage( living together ) outnumbers legal marriage by I'd say almost 90%...

    Also, some people just cant wait to kick their kids out at 18....The number of emancipated minors is ridiculous make ends meet, the kids move in together- sometimes pool their $$ and buy houses together...messy breakups if the decide they can't stand one another 6 months later....

    But rare cases do still exist...My coworker on the other hand comes from a traditional Italian family and is still at home until next July when they tie the knot...
    clovertine responded:
    DH & I lived together before we were married. We had a bit of a messy family situation & have been living together since I was 17.
    eliguns841984 responded:
    I bought our house on my own before DH and I were married, so he didn't TECHNICALLY live with me, but I don't think we have spent more than a night or two apart since we started dating seriously. So yes and no to your question...his stuff wasn't all here, but he stayed over pretty much every night.
    linzuh04 responded:
    DH and I lived together for about 3 yrs before we got married. We were in college and both staying at each others house anyway, so wee figured the cheapest way was just to live together . 9.5 yrs later, here we are
    MemoMom08 responded:
    Well lol this is the perfect opp. to say I DID get a ring bought for me for Christmas I just don't have it yet, waiting for it to be re-sized...Anyways, I had a pretty bad situation at home, so I moved in with DF after dating for about 4 months, and we've lived together ever since, had DD after moving into our own home, now we're planning on getting married.Finally.

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