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    our trip to the ER (longish)
    wilburlbh posted:
    i havnt been on here since the boards have changed so hello again!

    so, i was in the bathroom doing my make up to get ready & take ds hayden(20mo) shopping for some new clothes becuase he was in need of new clothes badly! all a sudden i hear him screaming on the top of his lungs. i run out of the bathroom & see dh covered in blood holding ds. he told me to get a towel so i did & said we had to go to the hospital. (keep im mind im freaking out & have not seem his head yet) so dh handed ds to me & i ran down to the car. holding him in the driveway i decided to take a look at his head...BAD IDEA! there was a HUGE gash/hole right in the middle of his forehead! @ this point im histerical, ds is screaming. hubby gets in the car. i put ds in the carseat & hold him down no time to put on seatbelts. (hossy is right down the street) & im holding the towel on his head crying hysterically. in the mean time ds is trying to fall asleep so im singing his favorite song pinching his cheeks trying to keep him awake.

    we finally get there & he gets seen about 15 mins after we get there. give him an iv which they had to try three times to get it right. sedated him & checked him out. he ended up with three internal stitches & nine regular stitches on the outside. the doctor @ the hospital said that he didnt think there was any worry for concussion or internal bleeding but to keep an eye on him very closely for the next 24 hours.

    this all happened sunday. today he is doing better. a lil cranky becuase of the pain & headache. i can only imagine how he feels poor baby! :( what had happened was he was trying to stand on his bouncy ball which has slipped from under him & he nailed his head on the hearth of the fireplace. needless to say dh & i went out & made a big cushony bumper to go around the whole thing. just wish i would have done it sooner! :(

    his stitches come out friday & he seems to be doing very well considering how much he has been through! thank you for listening!
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    roni090909 responded:
    Oh man I am so sorry that is so scary. But I am very glad to hear that it wasn't anything a couple stitches couldn't fix.

    That totally sounds like something Tyler would try. We joke all the time that we are no longer contributing to a college fund but a Hospital fund.
    smileysmom responded:
    Oh.... poor thing! I'm so sorry you had to go through that! DD hit her head pretty good on a table at a restaurant (the booth seat wasn't very stable) and ended up with a shiner and a split eyelid but it didn't require a trip to the docs... still scary though. Hopefully your DS recovers well and stays off those balls!
    transcriber87 responded:
    OMG! That sounds terrifying for all of you!! Poor baby! Glad to hear is OK, except for stiches and a headache...I just couldn't imagine!! Cadance fell the other day and has a big bruise under her eye on her cheekbone and last night, fell and hurt her other cheek! I couldn't wait for her to walk but now it just opens up the door of them hurting themselves and giving us parents a heart attack!! :(
    TanyaJP replied to transcriber87's response:
    awww...poor baby. glad he's doing alright though (and momma is
    wilburlbh responded:
    thanks all! it was definatily horrible going through that. he def. took after daddy. his dad split the back of his head open when he was little & needed stitches & has had broken arms & finger stitches. i have had nothing like that happen to me. my poor son! lol
    MontanaMama2009 responded:
    Poor lil man! Glad you took him to the ER.
    palvarad responded:
    Oh dear goodness, first off, kudos to you and DH for moving fast! Secondly, you're awesome, I would have passed out if I had seen my DS like that. Seriously, in an emergency situation like that I don't know how I'd do but I think you handled it well, tears and all! I'm very glad that your son is okay and it's only crankiness he's suffering today. What a horrorshow to see your child covered in blood! Poor thing!!

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