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    Yellow snot...
    emily8091457 posted:
    So once again, DD is sick with a virus of some kind... not good timing either I might add. Anyway, usually when she's got a cold and her nose is running constantly it is fairly clear snot. But right now (2nd day of cold) it is a more creamy/yellow color of snot. Does that mean it's not just a cold and something more? I would say her snot has gone from clear and pretty thin/runny to the more yellowy and a bit thicker. I mean it's not YELLOW... but it's not clear either. Just curious. Do I need to take her to the doc or is it pry still just a cold. She is playing fine right now and acting fine... just plugged up with a snotty nose.
    abbygailsmom1 responded:
    My pedi and ENT both say that if GREEN snot is present for more than 7 days, that they need an antibiotic. Now if she has a fever before it turns green or it has been 7 days, I might take her in.
    TanyaJP replied to abbygailsmom1's response:
    always thought the green snot was the bad stuff too but my dcp has to go to training once or twice a year and at the last one she was told that it's the clear snot that indicates problems because when it turns green, that means the stuff is coming out. not sure how true it is, but that's what they are training our dcp's here.
    cinder44 responded:
    I don't take them to the dr w/ just snot clear or even green snot, they need to have a fever or something else wrong.

    I went to the dr after having green snot & phlegm & a severe sore throat for 10 days & they gave me antibiotics.

    I hope she gets to feeling better & you don't have to go to the dr.
    abbygailsmom1 responded:
    Tanya my kids wouldn't be able to go to daycare if they went by the clear snot rule. Clear snot is allergies. Green/yellow is infection. That is weird that they are telling them that clear snot is a problem.
    ryanandleigh replied to abbygailsmom1's response:
    That isn't is an article from WebMD on it.

    It says the color really doesn't mean much at all. My DD has thick yellow snot almost every time she has a cold - which is a lot. None of them have been infections. She also has clear snot at the beginning of colds so that doesn't always work that it is an allergy.
    emily8091457 responded:
    Well she's been acting pretty normal all day... running around playing (drinking lots of fluids). The only thing that seems REALLY different is ALL the flippin' snot coming out of her nose. No fever at all... then tonight, she is tired and getting cranky and upset. She all the sudden starts to cry and so (thinking she is super tired and ready for bed) I lay her down to change her diaper, wipe her nose (again) and put in some nose drops to help loosen that junk up. And she is really upset and starts to cough/choke. Then she sort of throws/spits up a bunch of spit and phlegm and junk. Not like puke, but just mucus junk. She did this a couple of times into my hand (yuck) and is still upset. We get her cleaned up and she is sitting next to DH and calm when she starts to cry again like she is going to spit up again... but she didn't. So now I don't know if it's turning into a tummy bug or if she just got upset and all the drainage and crap made her tummy feel icky and she just spit up that stuff... still no real fever... it was like 99.8. So I don't know... I swear. Like it's not bad enough, I'm about to go into labor any day now. Could we all just stay healthy and virus free for a few weeks!!!! Sheesh!
    africas responded:
    I am experiencing the same thing. So irritating

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