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    ?s for working mammas
    ambern99 posted:
    In a week I'm going to be starting my new job! I've been a SAHM mom since having DS (28 months) so all of this is going to be new to me, well us. So my questions are how do you do it? Do you make meal schedules for the week? How about cleaning? Also what about family time? Right now with DH's work schedule we'll only have Saturdays to spend all together. Any advice or suggtions would be great. I'm just really nervous about all this
    chantella6473 responded:
    Well, I've never been a SAHM so I hope my advice will be useful to you. I'm not sure what your work schedule is like but meal wise, I would definitely recommend stocking up on crock pot recipes. That way dinner can cook while you're at work. Another thing I do is prepare my main dish the night before (i.e. meatloaf) and stick it in the fridge so that way, all I have to do when I get home is stick it in the oven (or I'll leave instructions for my DH to do it). As for cleaning, just learning to let the little things go is a big thing. I'm not saying let your house fall apart but if toys dont get picked up every night or dishes sit in the sink (or dishwasher) an extra day IT'S OKAY. When I have people over I just tell them my house is "lived in" LOL. As for family time, you just do what you can when you can. I hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!!!
    kmcarnag responded:
    I've been working full time since DS was 8 weeks old (31 mo). I have a DD who is 5 mo and went back to work at 8 weeks with her, too. I should make meal plans for the week, but I'm not very good at that. I just try to have a mix of fast and easy things and crock-pot options. I haven't been very good at thinking far enough ahead for the crock pot since DD arrived. Cleaning, we do general pick-up every couple nights. The kitchen gets cleaned daily. As for floors, bathrooms, and deep down cleaning, we have a cleaning lady who comes in every other week. That way if I don't get to it, it doesn't get that bad. Kid's laundry is usually done throughout the week and mine and DH on the weekend. We try to have dinner together every night. I remind myself it isn't quantity of time that counts, but quality. We try to spend our time playing and talking instead of watching TV. Good luck, I hope you find being a working mommy as fulfilling as I do.
    ambern99 replied to kmcarnag's response:
    I was thinking of getting a cleaning person to come in to clean the bathrooms, floors, and a few other things every couple weeks but DH doesn't think it will necessary. I think that will change after a month or two. Do you go through a company or something else for that?

    Thanks ladies!
    MIOB responded:
    I do make a meal schedule for Sunday through Thursday. Friday is either dinner out or take-out in (I deserve a break!) and Saturday is usually fend for yourself night.

    As for cleaning, that's a tough one. I cook, so DH is responsible for cleaning the kitchen after dinner (although I constantly need to bug him). Laundry gets done on Saturdays/Sundays. I try to pick up a few hours or so each weekend while he's napping. And when it gets insanely messy, I take a day off from work and go on a cleaning binge. This happens about once every 3 months. (It's not as bad as it sounds - it's actually quiet time for me!)

    And for family time - DH works two Saturdays on and two off and then has every Sunday off. We try to make the most of it. And when summer comes, we'll take a few days to do something special together - go to the zoo, the aquarium and whatnot.

    My best advice is to lower your expectations and if something needs to slip - let it be the cleaning. You get so little time with the family, don't spend it trying to make your house spotless (I definitely would lose in a clean house competition with my stay at home mom friends). If you're exhausted, order a pizza. And make sure you get your DH to do his fair share! (or at least something to help out!)
    magsnemma responded:
    I think that you've already gotten some good advice, and I'll share what has worked for us as well. For dinners, DH and I split the week up and he takes half of the meals and I take the other half. We have one free day where we grab something quick, usually Friday. Another thing that we do is try to clean a little during the week. Again, DH and I have "chores" and we try to get them done during the week. So DH will vacuum one day, I'll clean a bathroom one day, etc. That way, the house is relatively clean on the weekend. I won't win any prizes for cleanest house either, but whatever, it's way less stress for the whole family.
    Ali (33) DH (33) DD (11/08) Emma (7-year old lab)
    leftcoastgirl responded:
    Good advice so far!

    I was a SAHM until LO was about 15 months old. Since then, I've worked part-time and am now working full-time (LO is 31 months now).

    Meal planning is something a lot of moms swear by. I, myself, am not a big meal planner. I just try to have an idea of what I can put on the table for the next day or two and leave it at that. I also typically do several small grocery runs during the week rather than one big trip. That works out well for me, b/c we never seem to be able to eat things before they go bad when I do a big trip. But you'll naturally fall into doing what's best for you.

    For cleaning, I recommend leaning heavily on your DH. If you're both working outside, then the only way to get housework done is to share it. And, as PPs said, you may need to relax your standards. Better to spend the time you have with your family than dusting or mopping!

    Finally, I think it's important to remember to give yourself a break. There are going to be days when you'll amaze yourself with how smoothly you have things running - both at work and at home. And then there are days where the wheels just totally fall off! :) Don't worry when this happens!

    Good luck! I'm sure you're going to do great!
    Me (34), DH (34), DD (2)
    kmcarnag replied to ambern99's response:
    We just hired a woman who has her own cleanin business. I think it is cheaper and this one does a decent job. We did fire one before her for being misleading. Just ask around and get references. It is well worth it for us.

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