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    Constipation/painful bowel movements
    An_222796 posted:
    Hi, My son is having painful bowel movements. He only "goes" every few days, even when on the meds given by the dr for constipation. Even when his stool is soft, he is in pain when he goes. My dr says its just a 2 year old thing... but I think something is up. Has anyone else had this happen? I don't want to put him through major testing with a specialist if I don't have to, but I'm getting concerned.
    Jackie03291 responded:
    Maybe it wouldn't hurt to try to start giving him a little bit of prune or apple juice to help soften up his stool even more, it might even help him go more frequently. I really wouldn't consider it "normal" but I wouldn't go to a specialist just yet. Your dr. might even have other suggestions for diet changes other than fruit juice that might help. Maybe even the little prune snacks. One or probably even a half of one of those per day and that might really help. When my handicap brother was younger, that's what my mom always did because he always dealt with constipation problems because of all of his medications that he is on and it usually helped. I would check with your doctor first, because they can work quickly so you don't want to give him more than necessary.
    Jackie (26) Bryan (34) Ava 10/14/08
    TeenMom2008 responded:
    My son has been having the same problems but it has been going on since he was a baby. Our Dr. has me give him 1 tbs. or Miralax per 8 oz. of juice once a day. Its non habit forming but it takes a day or two to start working if he has not been taking it.

    Recently I found PerdiSure Sidekicks and it has fiber in it as well as other nutrients that seems to help with the "poop problems." Its somewhat expensive but anything is worth a try when you see a child in pain.
    MrsFonseca0529 responded:
    I have a two year old daughter that has been having pain when she poops also. I have tried everything. The doctor hasnt really done anything other than give me some powder stuff to mix with her drinks, but all that does is give her diarrhea. It doesnt really help with the pain. She usually is constipated and so she now has a hemmorhoid, which is what I think is causing the pain. Is hemmorhoid ointment safe to use on kids? because I know it is supposed to help with pain and swelling of the hemmorhoid.
    evarosesmommy replied to MrsFonseca0529's response:
    My daughter had trouble too. We ended up taking her to a specialist and it ended up being a simple fix. She was holding it in. She would clench up, stretch out and cry. He has her taking Miralax everyday and that makes her stool soft and prevents her from holding it in. The trade off is it's very loose so potty training has been put on hold for a bit until she is the one pushing to use the potty chair. Hope this helps.
    koriwhite replied to evarosesmommy's response:
    My son and daughter have this problem 6 dr.'s later and we found out they are allergic to all dairy not to be confused with lactose intolerance they can not digest the enzymes in the milk so it starts to collect and swells their intestines so that they can't poo. Try taking them off all dairy see if it help. I know that more and more mega marts are carrying more non dairy alternatives in the organic food sections.

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