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    Two Year old REFUSES to sleep? HELP?!
    An_222822 posted:

    My son, until recently was a pretty good sleeper. In the past two weeks, he has started to absolutely refuse to go to sleep at night. We have tried going in to calm him down in five minute intervals, holding him, and letting him "cry it out" . If we let him sleep when he is ready, it ends up being 11 at night, and he still wont sleep in his bed!

    What do we do!?!
    Maritza24 responded:
    but why is he doing this .. I 'll suggest in least 2 story for bedtime and let him know that is bedtime that he need to get his rest just like everyone else ...
    lenono97 responded:
    I think sometimes it's just a phase they go though and you have to let it play it self out. We have had to do "cry it out" a couple of times. I start with a 5 minute check, then increase to 10, 15, etc. My daughter has usually fallen asleep by the 20 minute check. I try not to take her out of the crib, just comfort from the side. Is he crying every time? My daughter doesn't always fall asleep right away. But if she is just talking to her self I let her be. I know nothing is wrong and she will eventually fall asleep. With my daughter it seems like the more we go in there, the harder/longer it will take for her to fall asleep.
    ryanandleigh responded:
    How often does he nap? How long is the nap and how long from the time he wakes up until bedtime? I would try for no longer than a 2 hour nap and then put him to bed 5-6 hours after he wakes up. Make sure you have a consistent bedtime routine. Is he in a bed or a crib? (Does he get up when you try to put him down or is he just crying?)
    Leigh, Jacen (5), Alexa (3)
    An_222823 replied to ryanandleigh's response:
    He is sleeping in his crib still, and yes he screams and screams! He has a favorite stuffed animal that used to comfort him, but now it just gets thrown over the side. We do story time, and he likes to sit in his swing before bedtime. As for the naps, I have no control over them. He stays with his grandmother during the day, who is very nice to take him; but does things the way she wants to, not the way I ask her to. I'm not really sure how long/consistently he naps. That is a good question to ask!

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