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    Potty Training Advice
    acn2008 posted:
    My DD is 2 and will turn 3 in Feb. She is still not potty trained. If you ask her if she has to go she replies "Sure!" and will sit on the potty, but she will never go. She sits there for 10 minutes sometimes with no result, but the minute I take her off she goes in her pants or diaper. We've tried princess underwear, she just pees in them. We've tried pull-ups, she goes in those too. We've tried rewarding her with candy, still nothing! We sit the little potty in the living room, she will sit on it and watch tv but she still won't go. I am at my wits end. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    KENDIE1976 responded:
    My DD will be 3 at the end of January and we're working on potty training also. She liked to "play" with her potty chair but never wanted to pee in it. She'd rather potty in a regular toilet, so I got rid of the potty chair. Try that & maybe you'll have better success?

    My DD also "goes" better for others (sitter,grandmothers) than she will for us! Hang in there!
    earleyml1012 responded:
    You DD sounds exactly like my DD and we were trying all the same things you did. Here's what finally worked.

    Over the weekend, DH and I bought a bunch of dollar store cheap toys. Monday morning we put DD in underware, told her no more diapers, and that if she went pee on the potty she would get one of the prizes, sent her to daycare with a bag full of clothes. At daycare they take the kids every 1 1/2 to 2 hrs to the bathroom, so they did the same with DD. She would sit on the potty, not go but have accidents through out the day. She was never scolded but instead encouraged to say when she had to go so we could take her to the potty. Even at nap and bed time no diapers b/c we didn't want to confuse her. After 3 days of this, she finally went on the potty for the first time at daycare. They called me at work (I took the call outside) and I made a HUGE deal of it. We told her that when we got home she could pick out a prize. The next few days she still had accidents but less and less. By the end of that weekend (it was a 3 day weekend due to holiday) she was 100% potty trained. She still has accidents every so often when she's playing and not thinking.

    I think for her, she had to feel wet often to realize what the feeling was before she had to go. We were consistent even when she asked for a diaper. It was messy but it was so worth it. She's only ever had one accident at bedtime too, she wakes us up to take her to the potty maybe once or twice a week and the rest of the time she's dry.

    Whatever you decide to do, stay consistent don't switch for diaper to underware back to diapers, it's too confusing for them. That's why we decided not to put her in a diaper or pull-up for naps/bedtime.

    Good luck!
    acn2008 replied to earleyml1012's response:
    We will have to try the toy idea. Someone told me one time that if they never tell you when they have to go and you just take them to the bathroom every hour, they never learn when they have to go. Is there any truth to this? I have heard soo many do's and dont's.
    earleyml1012 replied to acn2008's response:
    I don't know if that's true or not but for DD she had to be wet and uncomfortable, that's why pull-ups didin't work. I think they need to learn the feeling, so they have to get wet/poopy in order to know what the feeling is before that happens.
    momtobegrunden responded:
    I'm sure there are people who will disagree with me, but if your child is consistently having accidents, she is not ready to be potty trained. Period. I think parents put so much emphasis on early potty training that they try too early and end up getting frustrated. It's just another way for parents to compete by being able to brag that their child is potty trained.

    I watched my friends "train" their kids. Lots of accidents. They claimed their kids were potty trained, but what they didn't tell you was, they had to take their kids to the bathroom every hour. And they continued to poop in their underwear for MONTHS. That is NOT potty trained! I decided I didn't want to go through that. My son did things on his own (giving up the paci, switching to toddler bed, etc). I never forced him to do any of those things, so I decided not to force him to potty train.

    My patience paid off.

    About a month ago (two months shy of 3 years old), he told me he was a big boy and didn't want to wear diapers anymore...and that was it. He started using the toilet consistently with no training or rewards involved. He WANTED to do it. I think that is key, especially with toddlers!

    The only time he has accidents is when we're playing hard and he forgets or isn't paying attention. He's NEVER had a poop accident!

    So, I say if you're at your wit's end, give it up for awhile. Let her take the lead. You can mention the potty at diaper changes, let her sit on it when she wants, etc. But let her decide when it's time to go!
    Catherine(29). DH(40). DSD(15). DSS(9). DS1(2). DS2(3 months).
    acn2008 replied to earleyml1012's response:
    We've tried that too, she just peed in her undies and then stomped in the puddle on the floor lol. She would probably wear a poopy diaper all day too if I would let her. She just doesn't seem to care. She always hides behind the recliner when she poops. I've even tried to catch her when she's on her way back there and take her to the potty. She still won't go, she just holds it until I let her off the potty. And we don't use a potty chair anymore, she wants to go on the "big" potty. I think I'm just going to hang it up for now. We are getting ready to move to our new house this weekend, so that would probably disrupt things anyway. We'll try again in another couple months :S

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