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    Boy obsessed with fans
    ninners7 posted:
    My son is almost 3 hrs old (birthday in Jan) and is completely obsessed with fans. He’s likes anything that spins ever since he was 6 months old. All he wants to do is watch videos of fans that people have posted on YouTube. If I ever tell him we are watching something else instead of fans, he throws a huge fit. His obsession has started to worry me and my husband, particularly after seeing these other fan-obsessed people on YouTube. It just doesn't seem very normal to me...if it were trains or trucks, then I wouldn't be concerned. And after doing some searching online, it appears that obsessions with fans can be a sign of autism. Although, he doesn’t seem to have any other symptoms. His pediatrician has a child with autism and is very aware of the signs and has never said she’s worried about him. But his obsession just seems to be getting more intense and I’m not sure if that’s normal for a kid his age (regardless of the obsession?) or if it should be seen as a red flag for something. Because of this, my husband and I are at odds with ourselves as to whether or not we support/encourage his obsession? Anyone else have a child obsessed with fans? Anyone think this sounds like odd behavior for a 2-3 yr old?
    mysontoo responded:
    I read this laughing, because my son is EXACTLY the same! This sounds JUST like my son! I am concerned about my son's behavior as well. It seems so abnormal to me. All he wants to do is watch fan videos on youtube, and those people obsessed with them on there are so odd. I even installed a fan app for him on his kindle. I'm having to limit fan time and make him go do other things, like play with toys, and read. My son is developmentally ahead, in all other ways, so I'm fairly sure it's not autism. It's the strangest obsession. He has a fan collection, and I asked him what he wanted from Santa, he said "a fan". Everyone says he will be an engineer and it's a sign of intelligence, but the older he gets the more it concerns me.
    mysontoo replied to ninners7's response:
    This sounds just like my son!!!!!!! He's a great kid who loves fans. He loves vaccuums too and is fascinated with the noise. They should have a play date, they'd have a great time!
    lisaapb replied to kapild82's response:
    My grandson, now five, is part of the "fan club". I used to worry more about this obsession, but as he's aged we've been able to expand his focus. Still, all things that spin...gears, wheels, clocks and especially fans, just draw him in. He wants to know how everything works and why. His grandpa thinks this is great and they take things apart and talk about how everything works. I think he's very bright. Socially he is doing fine, runs and plays like any other five year old. He is the first child I've known with the fan thing. I've discovered that while it's not typical, it's more common than I'd known and it's not something to be alarmed about unless you cannot redirect when appropriate. He is less interested now at age five, than he was at age three, but he still occasionally wants to watch fans on you tube or spin things. Boredom or overstimulation seem to be triggers.
    sti1es responded:
    Sounds like another fan appreciation epidemic has broken out. Seriously, my boy is fan obsessed as well. He was door obsessed as a baby. He was also a bit speech delayed, as was mentioned by others. Now at 24 months, he speaks in complete sentences, writes words, and reads. He builds amazing structures and is thoroughly intrigued with the mechanics of everything. He loves music and recites his favorite stories. Around 18 months, my wife and I were a bit worried, but rather than giving into fear of not reaching internet milestones, we simply provided our little one a rich educational environment, and now his 'obsessions' appear to be talents. Our favorite fan collection YouTube videos are Wallace's and Otto's, and of course First Start Ups of Fan Season. What I'm saying is that it could be... your little one is spatially gifted and mechanically talented and needs a rich, interactive, balanced curriculum of symbols, mechanics, narrative, speech, athletics, natural phenomena, etc. to keep your little one's brain positively focused on interesting things rather than behavioral rules and limitations.
    Moeheymoe replied to ninners7's response:
    How is your son now Ninners?
    ninners7 replied to Moeheymoe's response:
    So my son turned 7 in January. I can't believe it's been that long since this thread was started! I'm happy to report that he's doing amazing! He just finished 1st grade and was at the top of his class for reading and math. He still has a love for fans. His interests expanded to vacuums when he was 4 and loved watching youtube videos about Dyson vacuums and how they worked. He asked "Santa" for a vacuum for Christmas 2 years in a row. He has a collection of many fans and vacuums now, although he's sensitive to the loud sound and has special noise-canceling headphones he wears when using them We continued to encourage his fascination by helping him to understand how they work. Last summer, my husband researched how to create your own shop vac and the two of them went to Home Depot and bought the parts together, then came home and built it. My son thought it was so cool!

    His kindergarten teacher had a background with special needs kids, and when he started in her class, we expressed our concern about whether or not he could be on the spectrum, because of his history. After a school-year of working with him, she pulled me aside at the end of the year and told me she was positive he was gifted. My husband and I are weary of labels, so we have not used that word in our house. We praise hard work. (I really recommend reading "Mindset" by Carol was life-changing in how we raise/speak to our kids). And we continue to try to expand his exposure to new things and do whatever we can to keep the fuel on his fire for learning. He is very social and has no problem making friends. He also LOVES swimming, hiking, and camping, so we spend a lot of time outdoors too. Balance in all things!

    My advice for anyone that has a young one with a focused interest on one thing (be it fans or whatever), be encouraging and supportive of their interests! And do whatever you can to expose them to anything new (i.e. our son loved anything mechanical). If you see other signs that cause you concern, then talk to your pediatrician. But from my experience and from what I've read of other's on this thread, it seems that the kids who are "obsessed" with something tend to just be very focused and intelligent kids!
    ninners7 replied to ninners7's response:
    OH! And I forgot to mention his "obsessions" after fans and vacuums turned to smoke alarms. He can tell you all about the difference between ionization and photoelectric alarms. We bought a new home 2 years ago and he HAD to go with us to test each alarm in the house to make sure they all worked (with noise-canceling headphones, of course...still sensitive to loud noises). His 1st grade class went to visit the fire station a few months ago and after school my husband took him back for some one-on-one time with them to ask them what kinds of smoke detectors they had in the fire station (he was too shy to ask during the field trip in front of the whole class). The firemen were super nice and answered all of his questions and were really impressed with his knowledge

    He's such a fun kid and keeps me and my husband inspired to learn new things too!
    elynn1111 responded:
    Hello, very curious what came of your son's fan fascination over the years?
    elynn1111 responded:
    Oh sorry I didn't see there was a second page with your update from a month ago

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