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    Toddler Bed
    BNWilson3 posted:
    At what age did you or are you going to transition your toddler from a crib to a toddler/big kid bed? My daughter will be 2 in April and we are expecting baby # in April so we will probably have to start transiting her soon. Was it hard? How did you first start it? Thanks
    cyn22mull responded:
    We converted to a toddler bed shortly after DS turned 2. We let him be a part of it and let him help with the conversion, bought him a new stuffed animal and a pillow pet. We really didnt have any issues with it. He did say once or twice he wanted his crib back but we made a big deal that he was a big boy and didnt need his crib anymore.

    We have since (2 weeks ago) gotten him his big bed (full size) and he is doing good so far! Again the first night he said he wanted his small bed back but he is fine now. We let him pick out a set of sheets (spiderman)

    Good Luck!! Let us know how it goes when you decide to do the switch!
    Cindy(35) DH (39) DS Christopher 3 29lbs 33inches at 3 yr check up.
    jlynnpaine responded:
    We switched DD to a toddler bed around 19 months or so as she was climbing out of her crib. It went far better than I ever expected. We have a gate on her room so she couldn't get up and roam around. On occasion, she would get books and bring them into bed with her to read but it was rare. She's now in a twin bed and we've still had very little trouble with her getting out of bed and messing around. Just try to keep the routine as normal as you can. Maybe let her pick out some new bedding for her big girl bed?
    Jodi (27) DH (24) Shaelynn (2)
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    We transitioned DS into a toddler bed when he was around 2 as I was going to have a baby two months later. We talked up the big boy bed all day. He did good staying in it at night but it took a few days before he'd stay in it for his naps.

    We're getting a double bed for DS so will be transitioning his sister to the toddler bed over the weekend.

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