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    sdadkin posted:
    This morning my DS woke up at 6 when I got up for work (he usually wakes up around 8:30 with his daddy). Normally he would fall back asleep on his own but he kept crying even after I went in there and rubbed his back for a minute. So I decided to just go ahead and get him dressed and take him to daycare. When I brought him into the bathroom his nose was bleeding. He has had a couple of nosebleeds in the past but he does not get them very often. It kept bleeding for awhile and he was making it worse b/c he was crying. I guess that it is sinus related? We always have crazy weather here in Kentucky and everybody has sinus issues.

    I guess my question is what exactly am I supposed to do in this situation? I thought you were supposed to pinch his nose together and hold his head back? I tried that but he really didn't want me to touch it (I did anyway). And how long is normal for it to keep bleeding? Is there any way to prevent it? The daycare lady said when he goes to bed that I could take a q-tip with a little vaseline on it and put it inside his nose and that he was bleeding from little sores that had scabbed over. I don't know about that though. His nose was still bleeding a little bit when we got to daycare 30 minutes later (It wasn't flowing out like before but you could still see it was coming out a little bit and it was still red instead of brown.)
    Me 26, SO 26, DS1 (7/22/09), DS2 (5/03/11)
    scarolinarn responded:
    Yes, it is normal to have nose bleeds with this cold weather. the cold dries out the nasal cavity and especially with a 2 year old (if like mine- likes to put a finger in his nose b/c it gets a reaction) you are more likely to get some bleeding. you do want to pinch the bridge of the nose and lean them forward- leaning them back can only the blood to drip down their throat. The vaseline idea is actually a trick we recommend (i'm and ER nurse)- it provides moisture to prevent the bleeding.

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