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    My 2 year old humping the floor?
    An_243568 posted:
    I don't understand why he does it but its so frustrating when people comment on it especially family they make rude comments about it all the time. I have tried to distract him but it doesn't work and when I tell him to stop he starts crying hard..he even grunts and gets very sweaty when he does this and its almost always when hes watching TV. Hes only 2 so I know this is not a sexual thing but I am not sure how to stop it sometimes he slams his knees on the ground when he does it at first I thought it was because he is uncircumcised then I thought maybe he had an itch he couldn't get rid of and now I am very confused as to why he does this ..Does anyone have some advice or should I talk to his doctor about it?
    crazylady2012 responded:
    I am so glad you posted. My two year old granddaughter woke me up the other night with strange noises. We sleep together when she visits. She was laying on her tummy and humping like an old man. The action was aggressive and at times grinding into the mattress. I was shocked and could not sleep the rest of the night. I woke her up to tell her not to do that and she did not understand what was wrong. First thought was she was molested or saw something she shouldn't have. When I spoke to my daughter in law she and my son said it was happening at their house and was concerned of the same thing, thinking something was wrong at MY house. There is no indication of any wrong doing or trauma when she is awake. It is just this sexual type acting out during her sleep that is driving us crazy. ANYBODY GOT ANY ANSWERS?????
    megandennis22 replied to crazylady2012's response:
    I spoke with my sons doctor she said sometimes it is just a way to sooth them...What is confusing is my son also gets very aggressive when he does it as I said he gets sweaty, slams his knees and grunts. I know for a fact he has never seen anything on TV that would make him do this he is stick on just nick Jr. or PBS and We don't have family watch him because I am a stay at home mother and I am always with him everyday this has been happening since he was able to crawl, The doctors answer to this does not see legit though if it is to sooth him then why does he get sweaty and grunt..I am not sure why they do this I am still very concerned and confused and looking for answers
    hlove1988 replied to megandennis22's response:
    At 2 yrs old they are starting to learn about their bodys, and yes it does feel good to them to masterbate, if u will, it is perfectly normal, if it continues when they are older, and they are doing it in front of other ppl just explain to them they cant do it infront of them. They do not do it in a sexual manner as a teen or adult would, it can be a stress relief or as your lo's dr said soothing, i wouldnt worry to much about it

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