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    2.5 Year old boy coughing all night and vomiting.
    Rossfahad posted:
    My 2.5 year old son is coughing through the night so hard that he starts vomiting and crying, it has been three months since he started coughing. It is getting worse every day and I took him to three different doctors and they all recommended Proair HFA inhaler, it helps him but for one or two hours only and then he starts coughing again. Not mentioning the wheezing and the short breath. Doctors said it is not asthma but we don't really know what's wrong with him.

    Last night it was scary to look at him at night crying and telling me that he is in pain and he needs air.
    Here is what we tried so far:

    -Proair inhaler.
    -Humidifier with and without medication on it.
    -We cut milk and dairy.
    -Stopped using his kids tooth paste.
    -Stopped all soft drinks.
    -Stopped taking him to the park(to prevent Grass).
    -OTC cough syrup.

    Non of what we have tried worked so far.
    One of the doctors that checked on him is a doctor at Stanford hospital which is a really big deal here and he said the same thing every other doctor said.

    I ran out of ideas for god sake. I posted my story everywhere on the web and no one was able to help us.

    I hope WebMD would read my post and get me some help, I don't want to lose my little man, he is the reason I live.

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    What would you recommend?
    • Antibiotics.
    • Another Doctor to check on him.
    • others? please let me know like what?
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    jldean responded:
    I am amazed that no doctor suggested or test him for an allergy (possible to grass). Did his coughing start around the beginning of Spring? Does it happen only at night? Almost always when he's lying down? Is there mold and/or mildew on walls, windows, floors in his room or living environment?

    Firstly, to make your child more comfortable at night, I would suggest 1) Freeing his room, bed, stuffed animals of dust; 2) Cover fully, his bed and pillow with a sizable sheet that should be removed before his bedtime; 3) Close all windows in the room to prevent the flow of dust, pollen, etc., from entering; 4) Give your son warm water with 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon (add honey if you like); 5) Get him to sleep on his back with his head elevated on a pillow. When all of this is done, turn on the A/C long enough to cool the room. Do not allow him to sleep in the A/C overnight.

    Additionally, take care with: the type and amount of detergent you use to wash his clothes and bedding; the air fragrances used around the house and in his room; the type of soap and shampoo used for his baths; to brush his teeth and tongue before bedtime (goggle a bit if possible); and if any do exist, remove stuffed animals from his room altogether.

    Would love to know how these work out.

    All the best!!

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