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    anyone use a ....
    jlcohen78 posted:
    Does anyone use a harness (or as I like to refer to them leash) for their children? Yesterday I was at Walmart with both DC and my mom. After a while, DS wanted out of the shopping cart so I let him walk with me while holding hands. I was looking at some things when DS spotted this stuffed animal and started playing with it. Come to realize it was one of those harnesses for kids. So I jokingly put it on him for a few minutes. It was actually kind of nice to have him leashed, lol! But then I took it off and put it back on the shelf. And no sooner did I do this and the child BOLTED down the isle. The bugger can be fast when he wants to. So needless to say, after I caught him I went back down the isle and purchased it. Seriously, I'm going to have 2 mobile kids on my hands soon and I'm thinking this might be a good idea in the future so I don't have to worry about them running in 2 opposite directions! I always laughed when I saw kids on leashes --- and just thought only parents that couldn't control their children used them. I swore I would NEVER leash my child. Yea, well guess who is using a leash now?! Of course, this could all be short lived so I guess we'll see! And I don't plan on using it as a primary tool for when we are out --- but more so for times like yesterday when he wants his indepenence but it's too dangerous to do so.
    IslandGirl58 responded:
    You know, I only saw them about a year or so ago, and I thought it was a great idea, and DH was ADAMANTLY against them!! He was all "You leash dogs, not kids". Whatever. I'm still all for it, and I think it's a great idea--I've seen several kids out and about wearing them and there's no impression of the child being like a pet!! I think it's a great compromise on independence and safety. When you've got another LO to watch out for, or a stroller to push or a cart to push then you can't be chasing after a toddler at the same time, all the time. Sure they need to learn how to stay with you and follow directions, but like you said, there are just some days when they're a bit too off the wall with their energy and they could benefit from some restraint!! I'd say go for it!! Let me know how it works.
    mommacakes25 responded:
    Jamie, I love mine, Its a Monkey I only use it when we are out places like the zoo, DS has never been the type to like the stroller always very independent so My mom bought it for me and he loves to wear it. It gives a since of freedom with me still being right there. I say you have two you defiantly deserve it :goofy:
    proudmommy06 responded:
    Dana, my DH said the exact same thing. It made me so mad!! I still think I would like to get one, because when I try to take both kids places, it is so hard to keep DD by my side. Yes, she does listen fairly well, but there are those times that she chooses not to, and I think the harness idea is great! It's to protect them and keep them safely in my sight, nothing is wrong with that!
    peachyisthelife responded:
    I'm extremely lucky that my DS has been a great kid as far as staying with me out in public. But I'm not totally against the leash-I always figured I'd buy one if we ever went to a big public place like the zoo or Disney World or something like that. So haven't needed it yet, and I have a feeling my DD won't be quite as easy when she gets older :goofy:
    Iocasta responded:
    Levi is an urban child and was taught very young to stay with us and hold our hands when crossing streets, alleys and drive ways. We have always allowed him to walk free in shops. Because he was taught young, we don't have a need for such things.
    cinder44 responded:
    I have one for each child! DD has the dog & DS the monkey. We usually keep them in the cart when we shop. But as far as going to the mall, zoo or even a park (alone w/ one adult) I will use them. I would rather have my DC safe & get the looks than have them running in two different directions & lose one of them!!
    Shena1981 responded:
    I was against them until last week. I was walking holding DD's hand and she got mad and threw herself to the ground. When she did that it dislocated her elbow. Now we have the monkey harness and I think it's great. I didn't buy it because she wouldn't hold hands or ran away I bought it so I didn't have to hold her hand, because now I'm terrified it'll happen again. So,I think if you find it will be helpful to you then buy it.
    NewMommyBof2 responded:
    I never have... we use a cart everywhere we go.. if we're at a mall, i have the stroller... and if i'm running in for ONE thing.. he holds my hand. but i have never ever used one of those and never will
    IslandGirl58 responded:
    I don't really think it's a matter of being taught young meaning there's no need for it--DH and I have taught DD the same things since she was able to walk. We always hold hands outside of the house, in parking lots, stores, sidewalks, etc. We're not exactly "urban", but there is a fair amount of traffic in the areas that we are around in and so we've always taught her those things. I think its' more a matter of a child's personality or decision to listen or not! Sounds like your DS listens very well to you guys, which is great. My DD is a bit shall we say, strong willed??! :sillygrin: Despite the fact that she's well aware of what she SHOULD do in those situations, she chooses not to at times. Those are the times I think it would be helpful.
    NyYankeeChick050 responded:
    I was also always against them. But now that DD is older and wants to be more independant, I'm thinking about getting one for this summer when we go to the zoo, even shopping. DD hates riding in the cart now. She doesn't like being held. She wants to walk. So this is probably a must have for us soon. :)
    Super_Trooper responded:
    I haven't. But i do contain ds2 in a carrier. I like my scootababy, very comfy. and that way i have 2 hands free to bolt after Evan.
    jlcohen78 responded:
    Thanks for the replies ladies. DS does hold hands very well when we are in parking lots and such. Generally he does listen to me in public. But the fact of the matter is I also have a 7 month old to tend to as well. So holding a hand or sitting in a shopping cart that is only made for 1 child doesn't leave me much of an option either. I do wear DD in my wrap but some days it's just easier to put her in the shopping cart --- BTW, thanks for the suggestions on the wraps awhile back Gabby. I love the Moby wrap!
    Just_Lissa responded:
    I have one for Cahner.. When Nickolaus was a toddler, I would have never thought to purchase one. There was no need for it. I taught him from a very young age to stay with me, hold my hand, sit in a cart, and so on. Cahner is a completely different story. Although her KNOWS what is expected of him, there are times when he chooses not to. I had a hipster with him until he got too big for it. I can no longer rely on the stroller or cart because he is a master at unbuckling himself. I got a monkey and HE loves it. I have it in the car at all times. I put it on him whenever we go places like the zoo, the mall, amusement parks, big crowded places. I do not hold the strap until he starts to misbehave. He gets two chances. If he runs away twice, I hold the strap until I am confident I can trust him again. I really don't think it is a matter of how well they are taught to stay with you or hold your hand. I really believe it is a matter of the child choosing not to do what is expected. And because I have Nickolaus, I can't always pick Cahner up and leave, that would not be fair to Nickolaus.
    mrv77 responded:
    I saw a kid with one the other day at the mall and I thought it would be a great idea to get one for DD. I am sure there are kids out there that dont need them and they listen but I dont have one of those kids. She loves to run off and not wait for me. I dont see anything wrong with them.

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