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    You know you are a parent when...
    Baby1at35 posted:
    You take your kiddo to preschool with french toast crumbs on your face ....Because they gave me a kiss after breakfast.. I just realized that I had the crumbs on my cheek...
    UKbluegirl2 responded:
    ha! I thought you were going to say something about having boogers wiped on your sleave. That seems to be the norm for us lately.
    roxanne156 responded:
    Hahah! That's so hot Sandra!!
    jmoomj responded:
    You know you're a parent when you have a fish sticker on your crotch and walk through several stores before you notice.

    linzuh04 responded:
    LMAO John! DD used to do that to the underside of my belly when I was pregnant and I didnt find them until I changed clothes that evening!!
    kirstieleah98 responded:
    lol that's funny Sandra...John I had a similar thing happen....Belle put my sticky size tag on my a$$ from my shirt....and I walked arround the mall like that all day once.
    Lindita30 responded:
    try having a dry boogar on your sweatshirt sleeve or dried up oatmeal on your cheek LOL!!! but I definately wouldn't have it any other way!!
    peachteach1 responded:
    When your shirts and jackets have mouth prints on the shoulder from that last good-bye hug.
    linzuh04 responded:
    When you answer the door wearing a baby and a T-shirt with snot and spit smeared all over it, and a toddler with a snotty nose in a t-shirt and diaper peeks out from behind the door, and that's "normal" to you. You think nothing of it.
    seeit2 responded:
    ...You hear a stranger's kid say something unintelligible in the grocery store but you understand every word of it.
    curleysue1968 responded:
    everytime you hear "momma or mommy" you turn even if you are alone at the store
    mom2bin06 responded:
    Your 2yr old runs up to you, grabs your leg, and says, "I LOVE you, Mommy! I do!" and no matter how many times you've been told that in your life, it feels like the first time and the other times don't matter or compare!
    DidiToo responded:
    Sue, that happens to me all the time! Whenever I hear a little voice say, "Mommy!", my first reaction is "What?"...regardless of whether my kiddos are with me.
    KSAB091303 responded:
    When even though you are in the deepest sleep or craziest dream and you can hear your child sneeze from an entire house away without a monitor and are already trying to figure out how to make them feel better.
    linzuh04 responded:
    you cant change a litter box, but have no problem cleaning a potty seat

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