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    tips please toddler refuses to sleep in his crib....
    Maritza24 posted:
    how can I put my 1 and a half to sleep in his crib the whole night ??
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    lenono97 responded:
    It would be helpfull to know why he does not want to sleep in his crib. Is he crawling out? Does he fall asleep some where else, then wake up when you move him? Is it possible he is done with the crib and ready for a bed?
    ryanandleigh responded:
    I think a few more details might let us help you more. Is having trouble going to sleep in the crib or staying asleep? What have you tried? Do you have a set bedtime routine? Do you think your LO is ready to move to a toddler bed?
    Leigh, Jacen (5), Alexa (3)
    Maritza24 replied to ryanandleigh's response:
    Oh no he is just 1 and a half he would turn 2 in October he just wants to be with me even when he is sleeping and my husband does not like it.
    Maritza24 replied to lenono97's response:
    he is not ready for a toddlers bed yet . I try to put him in his crib 2 hours after he been sleeping but right when I am sleeping he just wakes up crying and does not want to be in his crib.
    leftcoastgirl replied to Maritza24's response:
    Perhaps you could try moving his crib into your room.
    Me (34), DH (34), DD (2)
    ryanandleigh replied to Maritza24's response:
    Don't let him fall asleep somewhere else and then move him to the crib. He wakes up crying because he isn't where he fell asleep and can't find you beside him. I say break him of the habit now. And your husband is correct - he doesn't need to be with you all the time and he does need to learn to sleep on his own. Take it from someone who made all sorts of "sleeping" mistakes with my first one (who turns 6 today) but the earlier you get him sleeping on his own, the better. I would try setting up a bedtime routine - bath, book and then bed. Try letting him cry for a few minutes before rushing back in. If you are persistent with it, he can and will learn to go to sleep in his crib.
    Leigh, Jacen (5), Alexa (3)

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