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    colic calm for reflux?
    momtobegrunden posted:
    I think my LO may have reflux issues. In fact, the doctor said that would be our next route if his symptoms didn't get better soon after trying other things. We don't want to go to medications unless it's a last resort.

    While I was researching reflux, I came across an ad for Colic Calm. I almost ordered it a few months ago when we had colic issues, but regular gripe water worked, so we saved the money. Well, I read on their site that now it has been shown to help reflux, too.

    Has anyone used it for reflux and had good results? (And I'm asking about name brand "Colic Calm", not just any gripe water!)

    Also, has anyone tried store-bought gripe water and Colic Calm and found a difference between the two? It does sound like Colic Calm will be much better. And there's always their money-back guarantee. I just need to justify the extra $15 a bottle to DH! Of course, I've already ordered it, so it doesn't really matter
    ChrisKrunch responded:
    My little one has reflux. My soon to be MIL tried "Colic Calm" on Dylan before the Dr, had started him on the Zantac. She was convinced that because it said all natural on it it would be great for him. Remember the tar poops in the hospital? Get ready for them to come back. She had not told me she gave it too him because I had asked her not to... till I cleared it with the doctor. All of a sudden my baby was pooping black again. He was abount 1.5 months and long past the tar poops. this made me very nervous and she said I should go to the dr because she did give the Colic Calm to him. The doctor said it had not hurt him but would do nothing to help his reflux. The black sticky poops lasted about 4 days from just bthe one dose. He cried everytime he pooped those four days...I think it hurt because he can be sitting in a dirty diaper and not even make a sound to let me know(doesn't mind) We tried predigested formula and adding rice to the formula to thinken it. eventualy we had to go on medicine in addition to this and he is a whole new baby. he laughs all the time and loves to play. They will try to let him outgrow the medicine and hopefully he won't need it much longer.
    purplishkittah responded:
    We used coliccalm for colic and gas back in the beginning with great success. I didnt do much other research though to buy it and remember we paid a pretty penny buying it off their website. Since then I have heard of other mom's at my mommy/baby group using it too for various reasons again havent heard a complaint yet and I know the two ladies at my group paid less for theirs. Not sure what website but they were able to find it online somewhere else for cheaper. So if you do decide to try it google or search it a few times and see if you can find it on a different website for cheaper.

    Oh and as for reflux.. we had issues with that in the beginning too but never thought to use the colic calm for it. But we too wanted to stay away from meds and were luckily able to some of the things that helped us with the reflux were:

    -keeping LO in an upright/sitting up position most of the time whether in his swing, bumbo, a boppy, whatever and especially so 30mins before, during, and for at least 30mins after feedings. This encourages the stomach acid to stay down.

    -we did tried the Similac AR its formula specifically for Reflux but my LO didnt like it and refused to drink it. Not sure if other brands have their own version or not as that is just the one our pedi had told us to try.

    -Next step was to try adding a little bit of rice cereal to the bottle to make it heavier on LO's stomach and again encourage it to stay down. Our pedi had us start out with 1tsp per an ounce. Only issue we had with that was LO seemed to have a hard time sucking the thickened milk from teh bottle so we had to go up a stage on the nipple, Not sure what bottle brand you use but I know avent has specific nipples for thicker liquids.

    But the rice did it for us, it helped tremendously helping us to get through and after a few months he just grew out of it, it seemed. He just got better and better until we had no issues and our pedi had us slowly decrease the use of the rice in w/ the formula until he was off of it and then we were amazed to find no issues. But too our pedi said he had just a moderate problem with it and had it been worse we would have most likely had to turn to the meds for a lil while. Anyways hth and gl
    ranee13 responded:
    I don't know anything about the Colic Calm, but we tried to avoid medication for LO's reflux too. It does peak at 4 mos and we are using it now, but only until this bottle runs out. We do rice cereal in the bottle as well. Like PP mentioned, 1 tsp per oz, keeping her upright for at least 30 minutes after eating (we hardly ever lay her flat on her back anyway) and burping her as best we can while keeping her upright. I have used colic tablets and they helped keep her a little calmer when she got really fussy, but I have no idea how those compare to colic calm. They didn't make her poop funny and actually helped her eat a little better. I don't know why, but they did. I know they have chamomile in them...
    alliegirl77 responded:
    Didn't work for us at all. Sorry.
    An_259624 responded:
    Worked for our son. We started using colic calm after ranitidine and Prevacid did not work over the course of 18 months. So finally after he turned two, I started giving him colic calm after his doctor started talking about doing surgery to get his adenoids removed. This was because he was having a very hard time with breathing during the night. I kept telling doctor that it was due to his reflux going into his nasal passages. The doctor looked at me blankly.

    Anyway, the kid sleeps beautifully every single night. I am really pleased with it. I only give him once a day right before bedtime. Also, when you first give them, the poop is black for a couple of day's. That is just the activated charcoal in the bottle. No biggie.

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