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    Poll: Makin' Babies!
    tamliz08 posted:
    Any fun stories about how you dc were conceived? Were you trying? Surprised? Was it a struggle?
    tamliz08 responded:
    We were married for about 5 years and we just decided to see what would happen. We weren't necessarily trying, but we weren't preventing. We got pregnant VERY easily and I had a very easy pregnancy! The way I knew I was pregnant was because I was getting dizzy every morning when I did yoga. We were very pleasantly surprised!
    alliegirl77 responded:
    We stopped taking BCP's in December 2007...needless to say I was preggers within a week or two of going off. That was a surprise! I did not expect to get pregnant so quickly. We feel very blessed b/c we had an ectopic summer of 2006, so I fully expected it to be a struggle. I had it all "planned out". :sillygrin: I was going to get pregnant in February and have her in late November so I wouldn't be "really" pregnant during the hot summer months. Yeah...that wasn't God's plan. :wink:
    abigailmommy responded:
    it was very hard for us been trying for 5 years lost in august of 07 took some meds and boom fisrt month it work very very very very very very happy !!!!!!! :smile:
    abigailmommy responded:
    my lost too was a ectopic
    Erica0731 responded:
    Ugh, we had trouble conceiving :frown: I had to see a fertility Dr who put me on Clomid- I got pg the 2nd month I was on it but I lost that baby in August of 2007. As soon as I got the go ahead, we tried clomid again, only to have several months of no success. I ended up having exploratory surgery to see if I had endometriosis or something. They ended up finding polyps and a septum in my uterus. Those things combined was more than likely the reason on my miscarriage. Had I gotten pg again prior to the surgery, I would have had another loss. So, after I healed from the surgery, we tried clomid one more time(our next step was injections) I got pg that time around :grin: Ironically, I found out I was pg on the due date of my LO I had lost- it was a bitter sweet day. I ended up having gestational diabetes which, that was a blast. I am just so happy to finally have her. I wouldn't want anyone to have to go through infertility- it is no walk in the park thats for sure.
    livnlrg1979 responded:
    We had been married for almost 10 years. I had already had one loss 7/01. We had decided to start trying again in 2006 but I found out I had cancer instead. After treatments they told us it would be a struggle to have babies, if at all. That was May 2007. After 8 months of trying BOOM preggo...defying the odds and having a relatively easy 9 months...and now a bouncing (literally) baby boy :grin:
    swilwert05 responded:
    I went off bc pills in August because we wanted another baby after we got married in sept. 07. Well i took a couple months. I had messed up af after going off bc so i took a test just about everyone month because i was always late. Well feb 11th i woke up and decided to test while dh slept and it was positive, we were so excited!!
    amandagray responded:
    We were trying... I got pregnant on the pill august 07, and our LO passed away at 12 weeks, so we decided to try again as soon as we could. We got KU our 3rd cycle trying. I was shocked though because I had taken a HPT the day before AF was due and it was negative, but I was an obsessive tester so I tested again about 12 hours later and it was a BFP! I really thought AF was on her way, but nope!
    wwilson89 responded:
    Not trying but not preventing. Stopped the pill in March and got pregnant in April and found out in May when I was 6 weeks! I was shocked b/c it was so easy for us.
    mill23 responded:
    I went off the pill in Oct 07 ... knowing we'd start "trying" after 3 cycles // after our February 08 wedding. We got prego on our wedding night! :smile: First try, we feel very blessed!
    jamanda727 responded:
    With our 1st dd we tried for 4 months before getting pg With our 2nd dd we tried for about 1 month and then stillbirthed her at 24w With our 3rd dd we got pregnant the first time we tried
    ambern99 responded:
    My husband and I were married for about 5 years and thought that we would finally give it a shot. In September '07 I stopped taking the pill. I wanted a fall baby so we waited a few months after to start trying and got pregnant the first go round! :goofy: My pregnancy was pretty smooth going and now we have a chunky baby boy!
    mattei08 responded:
    I was on the shot for a while but was off it for about a year and a half and we never used protection even after i got off it. We both wanted a baby but weren't really trying and i didnt even know if i'd be able to get prego yet b/c the shot can take a while to get out of your blood stream. At the end of march i was late so i took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I made a dr appt and they said yep you are 5 weeks along...we were suprised and very happy.
    TyPatrick08 responded:
    Was not trying but very excited!!! We hadnt used protection in the longest time, My menses was 2 weeks late, i was off on wed so i decided to just take a test to make sure not thinking it was going to be positive. Well suprise suprise it was! My girlfriend was the only one home with me my boyfriend and I where living with another couple and another friend needless to say the party house! MY boyfriend was at work but i ahd called the dr already and they got me an appt that day and i needed Pat to leave work ealry to go with me so I had to tell him while he was at work! nOt how I wanted to tell him but he was okay and he said i figured so the unopen box of tampons gave it away! But now we are happy than ever!!!

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