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    poll: diaper/clothes sizes
    mamatobe08 posted:
    i read the huggies post below and was shocked that some of your LO's are in such small diapers! So: 1. how old is your LO? 2. what size diapers do they wear? 3. what size clothes?
    mamatobe08 responded:
    1. will be 5 months next week 2. size 3 but when this pack runs out within the next week, we'll be moving to 4 3. 9 month!! some 6 month stuff fits but not very well! and he's SKINNY!! just very very long!
    Erica0731 responded:
    My LO is 4 months and she is still in newborn diapers(though we are getting ready to make to switch to size1.) Her clothing size just depends. She is still wearing newborn pants but her tops/onesies and sleepers are 0-3 and some 3-6 months
    livnlrg1979 responded:
    1. LO is 5 1/2 mo (at 4 mo appt 15.10 and 27in) 2. Size 3...and we just moved up to them a week or so ago. 3. 6-9 in some stuff 9-12 in others (depending on brand)
    candiceblack responded:
    My LO will be 6 months on the 7th. She is in size 2 diapers and think she could be for a couple more pounds but we'll probably move her up after this box of diapers is gone. She fits in some 0-3 month clothes depending on what brand, they are getting a little tight though, she mainly fits in 3-6 or 6-9.
    NoAdditives responded:
    Audrey is 5 months old. She's wearing 9 month clothes and size 4 diapers.
    linzuh04 responded:
    1. 4.5 mos 2. Size 1-2 3. Newborn onesies, but he's too long for the pants. 0-3 mo or 3 mo pants, but they are too big in the waist.
    kristinrayerootes responded:
    Macie just under 4.5 months is boarder line size 2 and 3 diapers. Since Huggies work for her and we got a lot fo the $5 off coupons, we are using size 2 as long as the can. They go up to 18 lbs and she weighed 15 lbs 12.5 ounces at her 4 month. We have done size 3 and they worked fine. We are in most 3-6 month clothing, but have gotten out the 6-9/9 month sleepers because she was 26.5 inches long at the last appointment. I don't know what it is about her, but she seems to fit into the clothing just fine even after she passes the recommended weight/pounds.
    jen0579 responded:
    My son will be 3 months old on the 31st..he was weighed monday and he was 12 pounds 10 ounces and he is mostly in 3-6 month size and can only fit into a couple 0-3 month stuff. (mostly newer stuff that has barely been washed.). I just moved him to size 2 diapers because the size 1's seemed to be getting small.
    kristinrayerootes responded:
    I am curious as to why some of you are using size 4 diapers already. What weight do they start at ? I assumed that once we hit size 3, we would be in them for a long time since they go up to 28 lbs.
    NoAdditives responded:
    Audrey is in size 4 because she's just that big. Size 3 is too small. The tabs don't reach around her waist and she leaks through them. She's not a huge girl, only about 16 pounds, but she's kind of chubby. We just started using the Earth's Best diapers and I was surprised to see they are longer than the Seventh Generation, but they fit her great. She's got a pretty big, round bottom just like mama! They are kind of long, going up past her belly button, but she seems to be really comfortable in them.
    daisy729 responded:
    I think I have a gigantic baby :ooh: DS is 12 weeks today and we weighed him yesterday and he's 16 lbs. We did it at home, weighed me with him and with out him, so I know it's not as accurate as the doctor's office, so give or take a pound. He's in a size 2 diaper. He's mostly in 6 month clothes. I have a few sleepers that are 9 months that are a little big on him, but his feet are almost too big for the 9 month sleepers :goofy:
    rcarmommy responded:
    My LO is going to be 5 mos next week. He wears size 3 diapers (just switched over last week, probably could've switched sooner). He is in 6-12 mo clothing, and we might be moving up soon! I wish that the clothing sizes were universal, it would make our lives so much easier!!! :goofy:
    TyPatrick08 responded:
    1) 4 months last week 2) size 3 3) 6-9 slowly moving to 12 he wears 12 month pjs
    wwilson89 responded:
    3 months, size 3 diapers, 3-6 month clothes

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