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    Poll: Natural Birth
    Proud_Mommy23 posted:
    Okay a lot of women point their fingers at me because I had an epi with both of my kids. I don't deal w/ pain well and I'm a big baby myself so of course I was getting the epi no questions asked.

    How many of you ladies had a natural birth? I don't mean vaginal I mean without any meds. Both of my kids turned out just fine only thing Isabella was early and had some preemie problems but not caused by the epi.
    jlbelknap35 responded:
    Mine was half natural you could say. I had the IV meds but that didn't do anything for the pain just helped between the contractions. I was in cahoots about getting the epi and i definatly wasnt agenst it. By the time I could have it i was asking for it and then 5 mins later the checked me again and I went so quick that it was to late to have it. He came out sideways and tore the hell out of me. I am most likely going to get the epi next time as soon as they let me and make sure they have it on stand by so it cant go so quickly but knowing my luck it will go even qucker .
    shanda0914 responded:

    Wait a minute!!! Did i just hear you right?!?! lol He came out sideways? ..OUCH!!!
    boozemom09 responded:
    I was planning on having a natural birth, but once I got in the situation, I took the epidural and am soooo glad that I did. I have a high pain tolerance, but labor is a ton of pressure, not pain. I wasn't handling it well at all.
    jlbelknap35 responded:
    Yup he decided he wanted to come out sideways ... and yes very ouch
    emrayld responded:
    I never did plan on a natural birth, I'm terrible with pain... heck, before they even admitted me, I told the nurse whenever they could give it, I wanted the drugs! lol
    jesabelle responded:
    Epidural, all the way, both times.

    I was actually quite proud of myself for making it to 6cm all on my own but OMG!!! I thought I was going to die by the time I got to the hospital. I would have cleaned my own back at that point - the contraction pain radiating down my thighs was horrendous.

    Many, many, many kuddos to those who go au natural - I dont think I could do it.
    samshine202 responded:
    I didn't want an epi, but I did have the IV meds. DS was sunny side up, and the back labor was so intense and painful that I don't think I could have sat still for the epi even if I had wanted it!!
    wannababy20082009 responded:
    the epi only worked on half of my body.....
    Moonbeam_Sea responded:
    I had my son without any pain meds because the pain didn't get too unmanageable. I was induced (due to high bp) and for a while I could only lay on my side because of my son's heart rate decreasing if I was in a sitting position on the bed. The pain was getting pretty intense by the time I was about 5 cm dilated, and I was close to asking for pain meds, but on a trip to the rest room, the nurse suggested trying the rocking chair, and when I sat in that, the lo's heart rate was fine, and the pain was way less. I stayed in the rocking chair until I was 9 cm dilated and I had to go back to the bed. I wanted to see how far I could make it, so due to my stubbornness and luck in finding a position that worked, I didn't need pain meds. I don't think its a "better" way to do it, I just wanted to see how far I could go. Although since I was induced, it wasn't "natural" in the purest sense as I had the pitocin, but hey, close enough for me. Oh, and my husband thought I was crazy to go without meds. Sigh.
    Moonbeam_Sea responded:
    Oh, one thing I forgot to add. The nurse told me afterward that only about 3% of the women at that hospital deliver without pain meds, so it's perfectly normal to use them. I can't imagine why anyone would look down at using it. After all, why not take advantage of the advancements in modern medicine if that's what you want! I only didn't use meds due to luck. 10 more minutes on the bed on my side, and I would have requested pain meds of some sort.
    carlee_henry responded:
    Same as you, Samantha! Addy was sunny-side-up and I just did IV pain meds. I'm not against an epidural, it's just that I'm a needle-phobe and couldn't deal with the idea of a needle in my spine. Plus, like you, I don't think I would have been able to sit still for it.
    Dipper86 responded:
    After being in labor for over 40 hours, I finally got the epidural and I'm sooo glad I did! I was able to get some sleep before I had to deliver which I greatly needed!
    wxbuny responded:
    bear with me as two of my letters aren't working! (I spilled water on my keyboard) I had two non-medicated births. DD's birth was INTENSE!! I had a third-degree episiotomy. I handled the pain by leaning on a ledge and concentrating on breathing.I had back labor! I had to lay on my back and p*sh every contraction for a co*nt of ten. It s*cked! With DS I was able to control my labor. I co*ld walk and drink and get in the t*b. It was GREAT! I did have a lot of pain, don't get me wrong, b*t I kept thinking "it's pain with a p*rpose" it really helped me get thro*gh it. I gave birth to DS on my hands and knees. I tore in two places, b*t really small ones. The main difference was having a midwife instead of a DR. It is definitely worth it to me to have a nat*ral birth. My SIL had her DD and she immediately had the epi. She was already 6 cm. Well her labor stalled and she had to have pitocin to start it back *p. The pitocin ca*sed the babies HR to drop and she ended *p with an emergency C-sec. Too m*ch risk for me. I will stick with no medicine!
    Maikochan responded:
    Some people are just dumb. Drugs for me and no other way.

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