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    sleep training question
    wilemimom posted:
    My son is 5 months old. At his last appt his doctor said we should start putting him down when he's sleepy but not sleeping and let him comfort himself to sleep. We did it with my daughter and it only took 2 nights. Well, we were going on almost 2 weeks of crying every night and with all naps when he got pneumonia so we no longer made him cry. Now that he's better we started trying it again last night. He cried for an hour and a half then woke up at 1:00. Gave him his pacifier and he just complained for about 30 min. Woke again at at 3:30, gave him his pacifier and he slept until 6:30. Naps are a whole other problem...he seems to be a cat napper unless he's held or snuggled. My husband tried putting him down today and he cried for 2 hours before he finally picked him up. He's a very touchy feely baby and I'm starting to wonder if this just won't work for him. Any ideas?
    leo0805 responded:
    I'm having trouble with the cry it out method also. I think I lack the willpower to just sit there while my baby cries her heart out. I have tried it a few times though. it's worked only once. just a few days ago i let her cry it out for about an hour before she went to sleep, only for her to wake up 30mins later. it felt like i put her through it for nothing. i'm thinking that method is not for all babies. now i'm considering just letting her go to sleep when she's good and ready. my "good and ready" method works for both of us for now. your lo may just not be ready for it. take a breather for now since it hasn't really worked so far, and then try again when you're feeling up to it. who knows, it might work then. good luck
    wilemimom replied to leo0805's response:
    We decided to stop. We've been just rocking him to sleep at night and he sleeps for about 6-7 hrs before waking. If it's before 5:00 I just bring him into our bed and he snuggles up and goes back to sleep for a couple more. At this point I'm just going to do whatever lets us all sleep and what makes him happy. He's our last one after all so I should enjoy this time. We'll see what his doctor says at his next appt :) Now hoping he'll take longer naps as he get older...fingers crossed!

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