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    Feeding Poll
    wmatto83 posted:
    I am first time mom just wondering if I am feeding my baby the correct amount or too much! I don't want him to be a heavy baby like my nephew he is huge! At 9 months he was in 12 month clothing and was busting out of them....anyways. My boy is 4 months old he will 5 months on the 24th. This is what he get fed:
    Morning: A 6 oz bottle (formula) and 2oz of cearal.

    Lunch: 2 oz container of fruits and 2 oz of Apple(mixed with water) juice

    Dinner: 2 oz of veggies and 2 oz of Apple Juice/Water mix.

    He gets a bottle every 4 to 5 hours he usually gets 7 oz. He has 4 of them (including breakfast) a day.

    Is this too much or too little? To me sounds like a lot but it is what his Dr. told me to day. What is everyone else feeding there babies and how often! Any help would be great thanks!
    sdadkin responded:
    I don't think that you should give him so much juice. It's really not good for them. I would stick with the formula, cereal, fruit and veggies.

    My son is 5 and a half months and he usually gets a 6 oz bottle with cereal (sometimes with a little fruit mixed in) for breakfast. He gets a half a jar of fruit and a half a jar of veggies with his bottle for lunch and for dinner. And he gets a little bit of cereal and another bottle right before bed.

    This seems to be working for us. We started him on cereal when he was 4 months old (but he only eats a tiny bit-he doesn't seem to like rice cereal too much). And we just started him on fruits and veggies last week. He has not had any juice yet. We will probably wait on the juice until his eating is well established.

    I hope you don't take the comment about the juice the wrong way. You really don't want to get them hooked on sugary drinks. My daycare provider told me that she is only allowed to give the kids juice once a week. My two year old doesn't even like juice. He would rather have milk or water!

    kay_kay75 responded:
    I agree with the PP about the juice, my Doctor has recommended no juice until 2 or after if we can keep from it, there is no nutritional value in it and there is no need for them to have something so sugary, if you check with your local WIC office they also no longer provide juice for kids to try to curb childhood obesity. I am not saying that this is going to cause your child to be obese but it is something that they need to get in the habit of drinking water more often than juice.
    Anon_154542 replied to kay_kay75's response:
    I disagree....our doctor has recommend 1 oz of prune juice daily to help my grandson have a BM.
    kay_kay75 replied to Anon_154542's response:

    That is a completely different situation, if it is to help with BM's that is a different issue. I am talking about Juice just to drink not to help with a different issue.
    wmatto83 replied to kay_kay75's response:
    Thank you everyone! sdadkin sounds like we are feeding the same about of food.bottles so i am happy to hear that.
    Now as far as the juice I am going to call the Pedi. Cause he told me to mix juice and water only 1 oz each because the formula does not keep them hydrated after eating cearal, fruits and veggies. I am going to call and ask him some questions about this now cause that is true I didn't even think about the sugar in juice...even tho it says 100% apple juice it really isn't I guess. Thanks again for your help guys!
    mommyin2011 responded:
    I have a 3 month old and he only has formula right now. he will have a 4 oz bottle maybe 2-3 times a day, the rest he will only eat about 2 oz. we do about 7-9 bottles a day (24hrs). he weighs about 14 lbs and is 24inches long. im not sure he is eating enough, but he doesnt want to eat a full 4 ox each time.

    is it too early for cereal?
    wmatto83 replied to mommyin2011's response:
    When my boy was 3 months old he was would have 4 - 6oz bottles a day which total to 24 oz a day and that seems to be what you are feeding your little guy so you should be fine. It is early for cearal I started my son when he turned 4 months that is when I started cearal and not the recommended amount I only did 1/8 of a cup and made it soupy. However at 2 months old my son was diagnosed with acid reflux so I did a teaspoon of cearal for every once of formula in his bottle it helped him alot.
    If you are unsure about how much to feed him....Go on Gerbers website they have a feeding guide under each age group...meaning...birth, supported sitter, sitter, etc.
    zabroza86 responded:
    My baby (4 mos) is still drinking 4oz of formula about 7 times a day, while his last bottle will have some rice cereal so that I can sleep a little longer through the night. I have yet to try to feed him any kinds of baby food but I'm thinking I should try since he constantly follows my hand to my mouth and back down to the plate.
    wmatto83 replied to zabroza86's response:
    LOL that is why I started the cearal because my little guy would watch me eat an mock me by chewing lo amazing how they follow everything we do at such a young age

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