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    My son is 5 mo old and not sitting up...
    ahigashi posted:
    My son is 5 months old and will not sit up everytime I try to sit him up it feels like he is pushing back extremely hard. My mom says his muscles being so tight and not sitting up, holding his bottle, laughing or rolling around is a cause for concern. She thinks he is showing signs of atrophy and cerebral palsy. I was just wondering if this is normal and what should I do? He deffinatly favors his right side and therefore needs a helmet and his neck muscles are super tight as well. Is he falling way behind??
    Naami responded:
    I've tried to reply to your post for almost a week and my reply does not get posted... I hope this time it goes through!

    I think very few babies are able to sit at 5 months. Most don't start attempting until six, and don't sit well until 7. Gerber baby food has jars for 4-6 month-olds and they are labeled as "supported sitter" for that same reason. My son is 5 1/2 months and tumbles over when i sit him up. He is completely healthy and on track with his development. He just now started flipping onto his tummy and he gets scared because it is not deliberate ... I would not worry unless a few weeks from now he still doesn't try to sit up or roll. Good luck to you!
    aprilgant responded:
    My Bailee is 6 mos and not sitting unsupported or is she holding her bottle but we Are practicing and she is just fine. Don't worry about that just keep working with your baby.
    ahigashi replied to Naami's response:
    Thanks! He is doing so much better, He walks in his walker and can sit up for a few minutes all by himself. Hes my first child so I am a little paranoid!
    ahigashi replied to aprilgant's response:
    Thank you we work with him everyday and he has progressed so much and is doing so much better!
    An_249818 responded:
    I have the same issue with mine! He just turned 5 months and he is still incapable of sitting on his own and doesnt seem to roll over except when he's on our bed.and he seems to favor his left side more which was causing him to get flat headed on that side and he still has trouble grasping things aswell due to his muscles ALSO being sooo tight!!!!! It scares me aswell since he is also MY first one...and idk what to do except to put him on his tummy more often and do some baby stretches and put toys out in front of him so he can practice to grasp and just some happy baby work out with him but it still doesnt seem enough... any suggestions?????????? It really worries me (((

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