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    Baby Not Eating !!!
    lbcash posted:
    It's been a stressful weekend to say the least. My son is 3 1/2 months old and he has decided gradually over a weeks time to stop taking his bottle. He started giving us a struggle with it about a week ago. I call the pedi and they say it's because of his constipation, and he was constipated pretty bad, so they give him mirilax. That fixes that and then Saturday he decided to just lose it, scream, kick and cry any time I tried to feed him. I call the after hours number for the pedi and she asks if it's his ears, I don't think so because he takes his paci fine. It's not thrush because his mouths clear. I told her I throw my hands up I just don't know. She said to give him a few days and see if it stops, but I don't think I need to wait. Any common experiences or suggestions??

    Before you hate on me for not breastfeeding I want everyone to know that I have Crohn's disease that I take meds for that prohibit me from doing so. And amongst all of this I am having a flare up and I may be in the early stages of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Trust me I would love to breastfeed and potentially avoid all of this.
    lbcash responded:
    It was his ears!!! Whew something we know what the problem is and we can fix it!! I was afraid it was his GERD or stomach. A few antibiotics and pain drops and we are on our way to healthy!!
    oboingo76 responded:
    Thank you for posting this. My daughter is 11 weeks old and she has been crying and pulling at her ears while I feed her her bottle. I asked my husband last night if he thought it could be her ears. Now that I read this I'm going to atleast bring her to the Dr to get checked out. Had you not posted this I might have just continued to think I was making too much of it. Atleast there is no harm in checking.

    Something you said is alarming to me though on a side note. Do people often give you a hard time for not breastfeeding? I feel horrible that you felt you had to add that comment to the end of your post! It's no one else's business whether you bottle feed or breast feed, I can't believe how many people out there feel the need to give a pregnant woman or new mom a hard time about their choices! Grrrr.

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