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    My childs nails are peeling off?
    cham1978 posted:
    I have a three year old who's nails are peeling up from there base also on there toes I just discovered it three days ago and I clip her nails once a week and they were fine then. It looks like theirs another nail underneath them and shes not in any pain every one seems to be scratching there head including Drs. there going to check her thyroid to see if there might be something wrong there. See she also had a kidney reflux for the first year of her life that I was told corrected itself also has a hernia above her belly button and well is very short for her age shes only 34 inches wich is very stange for our family all other 3 year olds tower above her her weight is fine though also when she went to her well check last month she was fine untill we got to the Drs. then she developed a fevor for some reson and I was told she had high blood pressure for her hight that day and to bring her back in a month wich I did and now they say its normal? Can anyone help me with all of this?
    ksa_80 responded:
    Hi! My best friend's son has basically the same problem. His nails are coming off but it seems as if there is nothing growing underneath. She has already taken him to the doctor's and they though it may be related to low iron. But the doctor really didn't know and told my best friend she's not sure what is the cause for his nails doing this. His toe nails are doing the same but his thumb nails are the worst and they are starting to bleed. If you have found any thing at all to blame for this happening to your child please reply and let me know. And if we gain any info to why this is happening to my best friend's son I will let you know. Thanks.
    mumtoruby responded:
    My daughter is 2 years old next month. Her nails are doing the same thing. She suffers a genetic condition called homocystinuria. Did you find out the cause?
    cheehung responded:
    dear fellow parents, My 1 1/2 year old daughter is experiencing a similar problem. I just noticed her nails were peeling out. I ruled out iron deficiency as she is well nourished. I was stumped at such clinical symptoms as being a doctor myself(i am not a pediatrician by the way), i have never came across such problems nor were there anything written about it in Pediatric textbooks. However, after checking the internet, I found a medical article where similar incident of peeling of finger nails were seen among 3 out of 5 children in a suburban area in Chicago after contracting and recovered from Hand,Foot, and mouth disease. Incidentally my daughter had contracted the disease 6 weeks ago. That was the only correlation i can relate to as there isn't any known disease documenting diseases associated with peeling of the nails. I hope this information helps to ease your worries. Fortunately, there isn't any permanent sequel following HFM disease, unless a child had complication of HFM disease such as valvular heart disease. I hope this help.
    babrams819 replied to cheehung's response:
    I am so glad I looked on the web and found this post as well as another that talks about Hand Foot and Mouth and subsequent nail peeling from the base. My 5 yr old son had HFMD about 6 weeks ago and the majority of his toe and fingernails are peeling from the base and I was going to take him to the doctor, but I feel ok just watching it now. He has new nail growth and isn't in any pain.
    taycongrace replied to babrams819's response:
    My 2 year old daughter is a carbon copy of the cases mentioned above. She contracted Hand Foot and Mouth 6 weeks ago and I recently noticed her nails peeling at the base and started to worry. It began with just one thumb nail, and then I noticed a toe nail and another finger nail doing the same thing. I'm so glad I found this information!
    FarmWife1979 replied to taycongrace's response:
    My DD did this as well. Since she ever so nicely shared her Hand Foot and Mouth with me, my nails were peeling too so I knew that had to be what caused it.
    Holly (31) DH (37) DD (2.5 - born 11/16/07). Full-time working Mom, Wife, Library Board President, Chef, Chauffer, Maid, Toy Assembler and Repair Technician, and Chief Boo-Boo Kisser.
    jessisherenow responded:
    My son is the fourth child and he recently got hand foot mouth. I had heard my niece had gotten it, but none of my kids had it before. It was horrible. Anyway it was like 2 months ago and 2 weeks ago I noticed that the nails were coming off his hands, then off his feet. Its gross. I though maybe he had gotten his had smushed somewhere. I looked on line and found out its a side effetc from the hand foot mouth that happens like a month or two after they have had it. Hope this helps!
    HerbalJen replied to cheehung's response:
    Thank you . It was good to hear that. because my son also had the hand mouth and foot virus within the past 2 months. So there must be some sort of connection. Did your daughters nails finally stop peeling???
    kidz2008910 replied to jessisherenow's response:
    My son had hand foot and mouth disease a month ago and now his finger nails are peeling off.I showed him to the Dr today but he was unable to give me a satisfactory answer.Basically he had no idea what was going on.Then I found this forum.Its a life saver. The question I have is - is it contagious and will this happen again?
    imissmybubba2007 responded:
    Thank you so much for posting.. I noticed over the past few days that my 2.5 yr old daughter's nails have been peeling off at the base too. I tried to get her into the Dr today but they were booked so I have been frantically searching for answers. My daughter also had hand foot and mouth disease about a month ago so it does sound like it has something to do with that! Let us know if you hear anything different
    mromain replied to imissmybubba2007's response:
    we have four boys, all of them had hand foot and mouth disease, two weeks later the nails come off the two oldest one is 5 the other 10 the two younger 3, 4 have no signs of the nail falling off yet.
    An_244415 replied to cheehung's response:
    Thank you so much for your post, which opened up a whole discussion from other parents. I had no idea that HFM virus can be so aggressive after 6 weeks still have signs. My 2 y o son had the virus about 4-5 weeks ago, with a mild rush around his face fingers and toes. A week later he started to have little blisters around his fingers and toes, which were peeling. I thought that will be the end of it, but now his nails look unhealthy. They have soft spots which can peel right at the base of the nail. It started at one nail, but within few days, almost all of them have some spots. I already started to give him multi vitamins,thinking how to improve his diet, since it looks like a vitamin deficiency. Thank you so much for your input on this condition, I am confident now it will go away on its own and my child is healthy, without major deficiencies. All the best to your family!
    carrluv replied to An_244415's response:
    Thank you all, I'm convinced HFM is from HELL! I have a ten and Eight year old who both had it @ 2 months ago. My ten yr. old had nails lifting before she was done with her bout of HFM. here we are currently with two toe nails and one finger nail almost completely peeled off. I knew it had to be related but had no clue it was this wide spread. So I understand this isn't cancer or anything but if the doctors don't have a clue maybe we should be coordinating a run/walk or some fundraiser for HFM research! LOL! What? do our kids have to like loose fingers or something! WoW! I digress... thanks folks! Gotta love my WEBMD!
    brleigh1102 replied to cheehung's response:
    hi. my daughter is also 18 mo old and her nails are peeling from bottom up. i noticed it roughly 6-7 weeks after she contracted hand, foot, and mouth disease. she had no complication of HFM. i would appreciate if you have learned any more information on this. i have noticed on her toenails it looks similar to a fungus about a week before the bottom cracks open. but my doctors beleives it is not a type of fungus and told me i could have a dermatologist look at it..

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