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    What carseat is DC in?
    peachyisthelife posted:
    Sorta poll here... What kind of carseat is DC in currently? How many months are they and how much do they weigh? Jared is still in a convertable, and still "legally" can use it. He's um, well he's 4 in 2 months. And he weighs about 34lbs.
    Baby1at35 responded:
    Tre will be 4 in March and is 42lbs. He is in the Britax Marathon and has awhile to go. For Henry it was the height from his waist to shoulders so he went to a Booster a couple months ago. Tre has awhile as his height from waist to shoulders has another notch to go yet. This car seat thing can drive me bonkers. :sillygrin:
    peachteach1 responded:
    Sam is in a booster and has been for quite a while. he loves sitting up like we do and is really good about leaving the seatbelt alone until we turn the car off.
    jab1604 responded:
    DS is in the Britax Marathon. He's a year younger than your DS, but I'm pretty sure the Marathon goes up to about 60 lbs.
    Bradensmommy1969 responded:
    I'm not technically still on this board since Braden is 4.5 but he is in the Safeguard go which is a 5 pt and turns into a backless booster. I plan on keeping him in the 5 pt for as long as I can which is why I bought it. He is 36.5 1bs.
    Iocasta responded:
    A Recaro Young Sport. We still have him in the 5 pt harness but he is right at 40 lbs so we need to make the switch over to the booster.
    j9ween2 responded:
    DS is in a safeguard go (5 point harness booster). He is about 47 pounds & 46 inches DD is in a marathon. She wears about 33 pounds & maybe 36 inches
    Rubygl00m responded:
    Kylie turned 3 in October. She is 35 inches tall and weighs 31 lbs. She is in a Graco Nautilus. Gwen (my 6.5 y/o) was harnessed in the same seat until a couple months ago. I have been debating on harnessing her again. The seat harnesses to 65 lbs (she is currently 37 lbs) and then boosters to 100 lbs.
    Stephensmom1214 responded:
    DS just turned 3 last month, and he is in the Graco Nautilus at 33.8 lbs. He has a loooooong torso for only being 37" tall, and I just moved his shoulder straps up to the second to last notch right around his birthday. I don't plan on moving him until he grows out of that last shoulder strap notch, and then he can go to the booster.
    Jane0001 responded:
    My 3 year old is in the Britax Marathon, he's about 45 lbs and 42 inches. My 5 year old weighs about the same but is taller (45 inches I think) -- he's in a booster with a back. My DH has 2 backless Graco boosters in his car and they ride in that occasionally. They are both "legal" for the backless booster size-wise, but I feel more comfortable with them in something more substantial for the majority of the driving.
    TRACY7999 responded:
    My DD is in a Recaro Como which is 5 pt harness until 70lbs, 59in. I won't be using that long(i don't think), but I do want her to be in a 5 pt harness a while. Which in KY where we live the law is 4 yrs/40lbs for a booster seat. Even though DD weighs 42 lbs, I still feel safer with her in her carseat. Honestly, after watching a youtube video, my mind was made up about keep her in a 5 pt harness a little longer. So for this reason when we found the Recaros on sale for $99 instead of the normal $250, be bought 2 of them so we had one for DD#2( I was preggers at the time) If anyone is curous about the video be warned *TRIGGS* and sad ( i just cried watching it again to make sure I give you guys the right link. nothing graphic at all just a sad story) if the link doesn't work search "importance of a 5-point harness" on the youtube site. Also here is a link with the states booster seat laws. I guess KY changed thier law I was under the belief it was 40lbs to be in a booster but it is not, it is 40in.
    linzuh04 responded:
    Both kids are in a Marathon. One is 14 mos, the other is about 3.5 yrs. DD is 30 lbs, DS is about 21/22.
    critty000 responded:
    I thought that 5 pt. harness was safer, too, but now I'm not so sure. Check out this conversation (I'm Mayamac btw) especially read the post by bobandjess 99. I'm going to flip Abby back to rear facing in her Radian 65 and I am thinking about a booster for Sophie. I have total carseat lust after the Sunshine Kids RadianXTSL Convertible Car Seat. If I were to do it again this is the seat I would buy no doubt! RR til 45 #, steel frame, narrow body- I love, no I LUST for this seat!
    roxanne156 responded:
    Jonathan is almost 3.5 yrs and he weighs about 42 lbs. I converted his carseat (eddie bauer) to a booster seat so he now uses the seat belt.
    sarahdear responded:
    George will be 4 in 17 days ( :ooh: that itself is a shocker for me!) but anyways, he is in a Graco Nautilus and we are hoping to hold onto the 5 pt harness as long as possible. He is about 45 pounds right now but is on the highest notch for the harness so he will likely outgrow it by height before he does by weight... but he will also be 4 by then so he would meet all various requirements (height, weight, age) for switching to booster Danielle is 22 months and is in a Britax Marathon, forward facing. She has loads of room to go on that one, it's the one good thing that came out of the car accident, we got a free upgrade from the roundabout to the marathon.

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