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    Shena1981 posted:
    Have you or your DH traveled on leisure, separately, since you've been married? No

    Our friend and his wife almost always take separate vacations with their friends. IT just seems weird to me. He went to Vegas in early july with some friends and he's going again in Oct. She just went away this weekend with her friends. I can see occasionally, but I would be pissed if DH tried to do that once a year never mind 1x every couple months.

    If your DH does vacation without you are you OK with it? I would be annoyed if he used a lot of vacation time that he could spend with DD and I.
    An_222502 responded:
    I'd prefer vacation together...but I know people that travel separately too.
    phoenix31674 responded:
    We've taken separate weekend trips, but nothing longer than that. That way we could each spend time with our friends and not have the spouse along as a 3rd wheel. Of course, being a military family, there is a lot of separation anyway, so we're used to it.
    mol13 responded:
    DH has gone on recreational singing trips without me. He went to the barbershop international convention in 2007 without me. He was competing but I was really pregnant at the time. He went to another fun event the year before that, I think what happened was we drove to my parents' house and then he went on to spend the weekend.

    I've done a few similar weekends without him.

    But it's been awhile.

    We have friends who usually do one vacation together and some separate. They go to Jamaica or something like that together, but she goes to Atlantic City a few weekends a year without him, and he came out to visit us without her. I think she went to Vegas without him too. Not sure about that one. But they do a lot of separate stuff with friends.
    j9ween2 responded:
    DH has gone to Vegas twice for bachelor parties. I believe he also did a weekend in Boston

    I did an overnight once. my 2 BFFs & I are talking about a trip the year we all turn 40
    Janine (Tyler - 5, Bella - 3 and Giana - 6 months)
    megmoo78 responded:
    We don't vacation. :( My DH hates to go anywhere. So at this point the only way I would go is by myself.
    curleysue1968 responded:
    if you count fishing weekends then yes my DH does vacation alone. He always catches a ton of fish which we eat so I don't mind.
    steckie98 responded:
    We have usually gone on vacations together, but he goes on a week fishing trip in Canada with his friends/family each year as well as weekends at his cabin about an hour and a half north of here.
    I have gone on weekend trips to the dells or to Minnesota with friends before. I also have gone to races in Milwaukee by myself. I honestly prefer to go on vacations with my friends because I can relax more. DH and I like different things, but my friends and I are on the same page. KWIM?
    3boysmom1981 responded:
    We generally vacation together.

    DH has taken a few work trips that seemed more like vacations to me,lol. He also has travelled to check out schools for grad school and he brought a friend b/c he hates to travel alone. He wanted me to come but I didn't want to leave the kids b/c DS3 was still nursing.
    He went to Europe once w/o me b/c his grandma was really sick and didn't have long to live but I don't think that really counts as a vacation. I would have went but we couldn't afford last minute plane tickets for all of us.

    I drove about 100 miles once to go to a friends bachelorette party in another state but I ended up getting the stomach flu so I drove back than night.

    I don't think DH would care if I went on vacation with my friends but with the kids being so little right now I probably wouldn't want to leave them for longer than overnight.

    I would be annoyed if DH took a trip with his friends right now, only because the 2 of us have not taken a trip alone since we had kids and that needs to happen before he goes off with his friends!!! After that if it was for a special occasion or something I wouldn't mind, but not as an all the time thing.
    Mom to 3 wonderful boys (5, 2(almost 3!) and 1)
    DidiToo responded:
    I can count on one hand the number of times we've done this, and it's always been to visit family. Pre-kids, I used to visit my brother when he lived in Santa Fe, NM. DH went down to see his nephew (the kids were too young for a family trip at that point) and he went once with DS1 while I stayed home with DS2. I encouraged him to go since it would have been too tough for all of us at that point.
    VicsEandJ responded:
    DH & I have never taken a separate vacation of any length and we probably never would. I am generally opposed to them.
    Me (42), DH, DS (3), DD (1 3/4)
    Kimmy1545 responded:
    Nope... we haven't traveled separately since we got married. Prior to getting married I had a few weekends away with friends but he hasn't gone away without me ever (other than business trips).
    critty000 responded:
    No, he has only for bachelor parties, but other than that I can't imagine going on separate vacations.
    SAHM2myGirl responded:
    No. Before we were married and before we were really serious I would travel to another state to see my family but I never actually did anything fun. After we were married we have always gone together. We have friends who are married but seem to really hate spending time together so he is always going on trips with his friends and inviting my DH, who has always turned him down. The wife has asked me to go to Vegas with her next year and I really don't want to. I think it's weird that they don't like to travel together. They spend a lot of time when all 4 of us are together trying to get us apart. It's actually kind of annoying.
    FarmWife1979 responded:
    We prefer to vacation together, but with the farm that just isn't always possible. I've taken a couple of trips by myself or with my Mom just for the weekend, usually somewhere within about 3 hours from home, but over Memorial weekend this year I drove 8 hours with DD down to my folks house for the weekend without him.

    Of course, things like bachelor parties (pretty much all behind us now - all our friends and family are married with the exception of DH's youngest brother and one of our friends) are not a big deal and I don't care if DH goes to stuff like that without me.
    Holly (31) DH (37) DD (2.5 - born 11/16/07). Full-time working Mom, Wife, Library Board President, Chef, Chauffer, Maid, Toy Assembler and Repair Technician, and Chief Boo-Boo Kisser.

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